Let me tell you about my date…

I did it. I did that thing…you know…I just went for it all the way…

I set the date and am going to make it happen.

I have a date for my very first…

Single Mother’s Event entitled, Single In Purpose! YESSSSSSSS!

Single In Purpose(1)

Now…what were you thinking? Did you think I meant a romantic counterpart? Well, well…In due time, honey, in due time… 😉

But about this other date…

You have no idea how far I’ve come nor how long I’ve hesitated, procrastinated and doubted this vision. I knew it was meant because…well…I couldn’t knock it no matter how hard I tried.


I’ve put it off, picked it back up and then set it down again, only to look at in the face with full and complete denial. I questioned God and even the reason behind why I want to do it. I contemplated, walked away, used my geographical location as a factor and excuse. Get this- I even allowed numerous haters to even try to discourage me from starting!!! Now..that’s really extreme. At the end of it all…I’m baaacccck and in full effect. I couldn’t resist. I wanted to do this…I needed to…it is on time, purposeful and real yall! It’s finally coming together.

So when I say you have no idea….girl…! The struggle is real!

So, this said event is in Las Vegas on May 13th.

The theme, Single in Purpose, derives from the idea that regardless of what “it” may look like, you are in this very place in your life for a reason. Maybe there is something that you can only do while single? God may be using you for something great right now and if you were married, the opportunity wouldn’t be as important. Single in Purpose is to remind you of your greatness in this very season. Being single doesn’t mean that you’ll be there forever nor should it feel like a prison sentence. I want to encourage women to believe in their now and to move in power, clarity, peace wisdom and determination, utilizing this time to the max because once this season is finished….

By the way, who told you that singleness is depressing, sorrowful or bitter? You are single for a reason. Enjoy it, be purposeful in it and use this opportunity to grow in you, become wiser, stronger and more prepared so that when God brings you to your due season, you know, the one you’ve feverishly prayed about unceasingly, you will be on fire!

You want to know something…? Shhhh…don’t tell anyone…but uh..

It’s really not as bad as it seems once you take the fear factor mask off, throw it down and run wildly toward the direction of finally doing that damn thang! I mean..shoot…I almost feel like saying…what in the world was I waiting for?!?! But gosh golly…we all know that ugly four letter word that starts with an F…and I’m not speaking of the explicit word!

This meet-up will introduce a new program that I’m starting which focuses on the single mom by inspiring her to get life/family into a more positive and progressive focus by incorporating resources and empowerment through workshops, classes, social outings and more.

To register for this FREE event, go here.

I’m sure that somewhere along the way I’ll fine tune it all but in the interim, I knew that it was time to make something happen. It was time to follow my dreams.

You want  to help? Sure! Invite a mom or two. They could surely enjoy the conversation, laughs, fellowship, community, eats, raffles, etc.  It will be long overdue and so necessary, especially right before Mother’s Day! I will be setting up a Go Fund me account soon so if a financial contribution would work better for you, that’s awesome. Between scheduling venues, speakers, food and materials, sponsorships would be a grand blessing!

In the meantime, be encouraged on today and don’t let any obstacles stand in your way of your dreams, goals and/or purpose. You are meant to plan that event, set up that meeting, schedule some time with that business partner, write that book, get on that plane, post that social media message, step out on faith, write that business plan and file those non-profit papers, etcetera, etcetera…

You have the authority to make it happen today! Get it!

Now excuse me as I continue on with my event planning shenanigans!



Did you just drop the mic?

Did you really just “shut the front door” to make someone else feel better…?!?!

Before you drop that mic, your voice needs to be heard…You matter. We matter…it matters…

drop mic


Don’t you just miss our former president in times like this? I digress.


Let me get this off my chest…

To be honest, when I walk into certain rooms, I don’t feel qualified. Why? Well…more than likely from the debilitating idea that my voice or actions may make someone else feel uncomfortable or that they won’t be accepted, understood or acknowledged. I said it. I revealed a secret of mine…


If you aren’t making others uncomfortable, you need to up your game.

More than likely, if I say what I mean and mean what I say…someone will be:

  • hurt
  • uncomfortable
  • offended
  • mad
  • angry
  • happy
  • sad
  • bitter
  • confused

and…the list goes on.

At my school, for example, I’m one of the only black teachers. I work with people from all different age brackets and years of experiences but the one thing that stands true is…most of them don’t look like me nor can they relate to my theories, ideas or state of mind. So what! I’ve dropped that mic too many times for someone else to get the glory…I can’t do this anymore…I just can’t.

I think its even more important that as women of color, we need to use uncomfortable environments to be more awake, heard, proactive and empowering. Just because individuals don’t understand you doesn’t mean your voice shouldn’t be heard. Remember, you matter…and your message is deeply empowering.

black women office

I put out a controversial You Tube video the other day on why I don’t do long distance relationships and the reason why my ex and I are no longer together. Watch the video below and let me know what you think.

I got so much negative feedback to the point that I disabled the comments. I wanted to take the video down but…I decided to keep it posted because those are my words, my thoughts and ideas that I’ve decided to share with the world, unapologetically. Point. Blank. Period. It helped somebody…not everybody…but it still matters.

Becoming more aware of who we really are and not what people think about us.

Once I started accepting me for me and understanding that my uniqueness was a necessary contribution to my community, it made those rooms a little smaller, my voice a little louder and my faith much stronger.

You are…

amazing post june 17

God is trying to take you to another level so he will put you in those uncomfortable scenarios to give you the strength, courage and resilience to do accomplish any task, no matter the challenge.

You are beyond the limitations you and the rest of the world have set for you!

What will you speak out about today in those rooms you feel unqualified in? How will you expand your network, share your ideas to a group, speak up and be heard? Do it…no matter how uncomfortable you make others feel.

Our children are always watching us and we need to set the tone for what we expect from them.They need to feel empowered on purpose and made aware that their voice matters!





I almost failed this morning…but…

I woke up this morning in sort of a deep sweat.

I was feeling some type of way…

My thoughts consumed me.

I let my emotions overtake me.

My mind wandered into deep thought…worry…fury…pain. Oh no!

My concerns were far too many.

My morning workout schedule was altered a bit because….well….no excuses other than I just wasn’t feeling it.

Then, you hear about another brotha who kills himself over mental illness from Cleveland. By the way, I really try to avoid watching the news because it is very depressing but I know it is a necessary part of being actively present in society.

I felt more inclined to pray but the words…the words weren’t quite coming out like I wanted.

I needed to get in a better place mentally, spiritually….and emotionally if I wanted a great day. Reflection, clarity, peace…empowerment…(repeat).

I needed to remember why I’m here and my importance, strength, wisdom and values.

I almost failed my morning because I allowed my thoughts, environment and emotions…get the best of me.

Are you failing your morning?

We can’t allow the inhibitions of our atmosphere, mind, emotions and insecurities prevent us from having a day filled with clarity, peace, joy, love and productivity.We need this to thrive!

Speak life.

Speak restoration.
Speak peace.

Speak joy….not just happiness…but unshakable joy!

Proclaim positive thoughts!

You are beyond words amazing. Speak that, too.


We need to embrace life and enjoy every moment once the morning hits us because you never know when it will be our last….

We have no time to waste in waddling in our sorrows.  Its time to check it!

  • Does it need to be removed from your life?
  • Do you need to make some adjustments?
  • Whose negative energy are you consuming?
  • What do you need to release before you go to bed?
  • What affirmations are needed?

When you shine, attacks will come. Attacks will come to throw you off your square or make you feel…well unworthy. The devil is a lie!

We have to command our morning with strength and resilience because just as sure as there is a difference between night and day, attacks will come on those who are moving in purpose and in God’s will.

And…if you aren’t sure what this all means or how that feels, girl, I’ve been there. I know how it feels to be confused about purpose, life and…God. But…when there is a will…God moves.

We can’t afford to fail our morning. Our morning is the very breath we need for the strength of our day.

Our morning sets the tone…

You have control over your thoughts, fears, emotions…you can take back your morning.

Get guidance, strength, wisdom, clarity and peace through….

  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Reading
  • listening to music
  • Writing
  • Exercising

What else do you do?

You Got This!

 No fear, No limit….trust….love…move! BE!

When you realize…

When You Realize…

When you realize that your deepest insecurities are still lurking, that’s reflection.

When you realize that you still need to let go of what was holding you back in the first place, that’s acknowledgement.

When you realize that love will find you wherever you are after you have found your true self, that’s divine connection.

When you realize that you were once broken but the pieces are slowly crafting themselves together, causing a beautiful creation to manifest, that’s process.

When you realize that you need to profess daily affirmations over your life to remind you of your gifts and true essence, that’s growth.

When you realize that you are unique and perfectly imperfect, that’s self love.

When you realize that your pain is a lesson, that’s life.

When you realize that your very existence is helping someone thrive today, that’s awesomeness.

When you realize that your ex wants you back, that’s when you keep moving forward!

When you realize that your gift is necessary and needs to be shared, that’s purpose.

When you realize that your healing starts from within and self-forgiveness is key, that’s truth.

When you realize that your ugly, dirty truths are really there to propel you to the next level on purpose, that’s revelation.

When you realize that you are making a worthy and timely impact, that’s powerful.

When you realize that your time is not God’s time, that’s patience.

When you realize that God has destined you for such a time as this, that’s trust.


When you realize that YOU are truly phenomenal,

 That’s God!

What did you decide…?

This week, I’m on the spring break. Before you go scrolling through my Instagram feed to figure out what the heck I’ve been doing for the last few days, let me tell you that it isn’t what I exactly wanted to do. The low down dirty truth is…I had to eventually make a decision about what to do with my time. Yes, I had options, plenty of them. But time girl…how many of us have it?

I could have traveled by hopping on a plane to visit folk but I decided otherwise. I decided to stay local not only because it seemed like the more convenient thing to do but I knew that my priorities were important and I needed to figure out what that meant before I decided to implement another thing into my already overwhelming list of priorities. Therefore,  I decided to stay local because I knew that I had a plan and stuff that needed to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In other words, I had some ish that needed to be finalized, a vision that needed to be sought after, goals to see through and sleep….oh yes!

On top of all that, my son is away in sunny California with his dad! What a treat! A week off and…kid free…? Geesh! I have no excuses!

Have you made any decisions this week or are you just going with the flow? Sit on that for a minute while I share some of my decisions that I’ve made with you for this week:

  • Clean eating! I have been fixing myself salads daily, sprinkled with love and careful attention. It’s something about eating good that makes you feel…darn good.
  • Exercise. Okay so I’ve already been doing this but not as consistent as I’d like. If I can get in running and cardio for 30 minutes a day, I’m good. Also, I’m being a bit more consistent with arms, legs, butt and abs. Ladies, let’s get real…we all want to look good but we also forget that it takes an effort! Regardless, remember that you are a true beauty both inside and out. However, just like anything else, you gotta take care of the one you love…and it starts with YOU!
  • Rest. I don’t get enough of this. at. all. point. blank. period.  I feel like there is not enough time in the day or I have way too much going on, however, I’m being diligent by making sure that I commit my body to rest, relaxation and love.
  • Get rid of negative thinking. I had to let it go just like I did the relaxer- Quick, fast and in a hurry! First of all, I had to make the crucial decision that I am worth more and I deserve more. I owe myself positive thoughts, words, patience, kindness and appreciation. I appreciate me daily and I acknowledge that God is doing a work in me. Do you feel the same about yourself?
  • Reading. I can’t tell you how many books I’ve picked up…and never finished. So, for this week, I’m committing to 30 minutes of reading time a day. Yes! I know I can do more but if I start my making the decision to commit to a specific time frame, I’m more likely to make it a habit. I’ve been reading in the mornings so that way it is done and I don’t have to worry about fitting it in throughout my day.
  • Self care. Let me be clear.  I’ve mentioned this in other posts as well but self-care is not restricted to what you do on the outside but even more importantly, what you accomplish for your inner self. Did you know that your inner self needs just as much time, attention and love? Meditation, self affirmations, rest, relaxation, reflections, patience toward self, time alone….so much I could include in self-love methods…but you get my drift.
  • Projects! Ahhhhh Yes! So, I’m working on a book project….a decision I’ve made.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve delayed…and delayed. Well…I’m using my few days off to try to regain my focus. Also, my focus is on honing in on the craft of writing in general because although it may be a gift, it must be exercised and utilized for the purpose that God has given it to you.

What I’ve decided, after writing this, is that these decisions shouldn’t be made only during a break but intertwined regularly and alternated with other life enriching decisions. Challenge pushes you! Decisions that grow you…that remind you of your purpose and how amazing you really are. Honestly, I have to do this daily.


It’s so easy to get distracted by life and all its woes….but you…nah girl…you got it going on and what’s most important is the fact that you receive this in your spirit!

Can I get an AMEN!

What about YOU?

What have you decided? Have you decided to:

  • Make some major decisions for your life that could possibly push you further into your purpose?
  • Force you to refocus?
  • Finish what you’ve started?
  • Start working on your healthy living habits?
  • Finding more time for you?

Whatever you decide, make sure that it is allowing you to propel your life in a forward moving direction. Make sure that it is growing you and taking you to another level in life. Get uncomfortable for a bit but in that moment of unease, make sure that you are being true to self and loving on you. You deserve it 365 days of the week…not just when you’re off work.

  • The biggest lesson in all this for me is:
    • Listening to my inner self
    • Patience
    • Appreciation for the little things….
    • Life balance


  • enjoy life in the interim….

Until next time, be blessed and highly favored!