Is it time for you to shift?

Hey hey!

I had a bit of a short sabbatical but I’m baaaack!

I’ve put some of the time that I would have originally put into the blog in other creative vehicles like live streams on Periscope and Instagram.

Matter of fact, I’m doing a 31-day challenge for the month of October.  My topic focus is geared toward single moms who want to overcome perceived obstacles in order to live more purpose-filled lives. You should join me. Watch here.

I’ve also done a few You Tube videos and I’ve been really focusing on FINALLY completing my first book. Whew! I’m excited.

So, it’s been a different kind of few months but shifts need to happen. Sometimes there are suddenly shifts, the ones that catch you off guard that you aren’t sure what just happened but you know that it is what it is so you flow with it.

Then, there are the shifts that seem to take longer than others. It’s like you recognize a shift is needed but you don’t take the necessary actions to make it happen because you’re leaning to your own understanding or your wrought with fear of what’s next, especially if you’re battling with totally accepting truth about what it is you truly want for your life.

Shifts happen in our hearts, physical bodies, emotions, relationship with God, our ideas/dreams and within romantic and platonic relationships.

Shifts happen sometimes unexpectedly but always purposefully.

Shifts come regardless of our intentions or how we feel. Sometimes, they are natural and organic, other times, forced.

Shifts come in due season and are necessary for our growth in most instances.

I can appreciate a good shift in my life because if you’re like me, things can get pretty comfy and in the place of comfort, I tend to be a bit stagnant. I get distracted easy tend to “sleep” on what I should be wide awake to.

In this comfy zone, I may miss a window of opportunity to optimize a business idea, work on self improvement, make better connections with the people in my life or be more productive.

That’s why it is so necessary to shift.

Shifting from that comfy zone not only allows you to get unstuck but propels you to move forward even if it is extremely painful and uncomfortable.

So, I dealt with my fair share of shifts during this sabbatical and I am still dealing with some of them. All meaningful and purposeful for where I’m headed in this next season.

What about you? What kind of shift are you going through?

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One Reply to “Is it time for you to shift?”

  1. Great to “hear” from you again. I am very excited about the upcoming release of your book. It’s like our journeys are running parallel to each other because I have endured a major shift that came in small and large doses over the past few years. As I have shared with you before, living abroad was a major part of my awakening and transitioning process. Now that I am back in the states (my family and I repatriated to Hawaii about 3 months ago) everything is starting to fall in place very beautifully. But it has taken some major work to get here and it will continue to take work to progress even further. We all have to stay strong and keep doing what it takes to get to where we need to be.

    Wishing you all the best sis because you absolutely deserve it!!!


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