Your worth says…

The cycles…they will repeat if you allow them…but…You can decide today  if you will go or if you will stay…your call, your life, your choice. Make it a good one. You are worth more than you’ll ever know.


Have you ever allowed yourself to stay in a relationship way past the expiration date? You figured that there is always a chance, especially when it comes to love but you just can’t seem to figure out why it’s just not working in your favor. You love each other, right? Or so you thought. He treats you pretty okay for the most part, right?

You’ve compromised, changed your ways, been extremely nice, practiced patience, held your tongue, cried a bit too much, felt like a burden, etc. Unnecessary drama.

You thought he was the one. “God, is this it?” You prayed, waited, thought it would turn around and then…your spirit told you otherwise. Your intuition started telling you more than you bargained for and then….You realize that it may actually be time to let that shit go. “Not again,” you say. “Another epic fail.”

You realize that what you’re holding onto is more damaging than if you were to just let it go and let it flow in the right energy. By letting it flow I mean letting the chips fall where they may. Not forcing. Not prodding. Not begging…and definitely not chasing…girl, not in them heels! No!


However, you’ve been so distracted that you didn’t realize that your blinders caused you to “overlook” so much.

That ish (the drama, the distraction, negative energy, confusion, lack of communication,) should have been thrown out with the trash a long time ago so instead you let it stay an funk up your house (spirit, soul and mind)…don’t let me get into certain body parts that may be contaminated, too. Oh, girl! I digress. You had your shades on a bit too long which caused you to “overlook” some things you’d otherwise deem as a non-negotiable.


But instead you…

  • Stay because, well, that seems like the right thing to do and what will people think if you don’t? You’d feel like a failure!
  • Compromise your happiness hoping and praying that the one you are selling your soul for will make up for it in due time.
  • Settle because who dares to be single nowadays, especially since you’re pushing 40 and all of your peers, associates, co-workers and church foes are married with kids.


Then, you ask yourself a very honest question, “How did I get here?”

Get this chic:  YOU need to be able to recognize the red flags when they wave in your face and all the other factors that are telling you to run, chile, run!

If you realized that you are worth a  great God-appointed man who admires your presence, respects your time, honors you, cherishes your mind, body and soul and wants you to win–ahhh! Yes, win!

He  loves your energy and totally wants to commit to you like there is no tomorrow. No liars, cheaters, dishonest mofo’s…you get the point.

They do exist…even the ones who will accept you and all your not so cute ways. He will ultimately help you to heal. God knows the ones who can deal and who can’t. Believe me, he will grant you the patience to deal with this man’s not so handsome ways as well. It will be God’s grace…access granted!

You deserve nothing short of the best.

I got one even better—You are so worth it that you ought to look yourself smack dab in the mirror and tell yourself that. Yes you! Do it now. I hope you repeat this a couple of times…



Ahhhh…didn’t that feel good?

For me, I’ve desired marriage for a long time and God has definitely been testing me in this area. I have been in different relationships that I thought could have worked out in my favor but guess what–I tried to put the pieces together myself instead of allowing God to make divine connections. I rushed the process and didn’t seek God in any of it. Did you get confirmation? God will make it very clear. You must let go of the thing that he didn’t give you permission to grab in the first place.

So, in that regard,  I’ve failed many, MANY tests.

Girl, bye! That doesn’t disqualify you! We all make decisions that may not be the best for us but so what…that’s life.  We live and learn. Don’t make it more complicated than it already is, sis.

For me personally, God is trying to get me to lean on him and acknowledge the promises he told me for my life. He is also trying to get me to realize that I can’t figure it out all by my self. He will make sure he gets the glory in all this.

My husband will be a manifestation of my thoughts, prayers, patience and….(drum roll please)… letting go of that which no longer serves me. Letting go of the past is a healing process.  I repeat, let that ish go! Let it go if it doesn’t bring you peace. Let it go if it doesn’t bring value into your life. Let it go if it doesn’t complement where God is taking you.


God sees your heart, understands your desires and knows exactly who is best for you. Trust him.


Reflection tip:

Love yourself enough to recognize when something doesn’t feel right or when your heart says, “Okay, that’s enough.”

Recognition, truth, honesty, self-love and awareness

What are your thoughts about this? I want to hear from you!

Check out my latest You Tube video on letting go!


My book is coming! 

I can’t wait to share my message, testimony and transformation with the world regarding my battles and breakthroughs with toxic relationships and  my battle with brokenness.

It am in expectation that this book will heal somebody!





4 Replies to “Your worth says…”

    1. That’s really great to know. I think that once we figure out who we are and stay true to that, people naturally are attracted to us or fall off as you mentioned. Thank you for sharing!


  1. This is a great article with nothing but truth. I think many of us have been down this road where we question our self worth and love. We are ENOUGH. I’ve never felt the rush to be married or have children so I guess that’s where I differ. I have no issues with waiting my turn because I know that I have to wait for God first.


    1. This is such a great message. I think more of us need to stand in our truth and acknowledge that we are worthy enough so we don’t continue to seek validation from a man or anyone else for that matter. Thank you for posting and congratulations on your wonderful Podcast!


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