April, why did you have to be so stank?

April, why were you soooo stank?


Straight up foul.


April was a very, very tough month for me. I dealt with loss, heartache, heartbreak, confusion, pain, sadness, emotional struggles—-I had the April blues and there was no denying that.

It’s a bit cliché’ but this is the first time that I actually related this particular statement to my life: April Showers bring May flowers–or–(sunshine, clarity, a shift)–whatever you’d like to coin it as. I never understood quite what that meant until now.

While you’re in the storm of life, it can be very difficult to see the rainbow…

You hope for more. You desire better. You pray for change. Then, there is more pain, sadness, cycles, tears and confusion. It happens. But…wait…there’s a reason for it all.

April needed to be a little stank…

What I learned is this, although April was a bit stank for me, I actually gained from the pain. The pain taught me to:

  • Understand my perseverance
  • Appreciate my strength
  • Realize my capacity for love
  • Accept the truth for what it is
  • Believe that what’s for me is for me
  • Be kind to myself
  • Accept seasonal shifts

Check your thoughts..

The one thing that is so important through a difficult season is your thoughts.

What was I thinking about and how did it change my mood, actions and overall feelings? Are the thoughts positive? Negative? Based on fear? Check your thoughts. That may be what’s holding you back.  Believe me, once those thoughts change, YOU will change…for the better.

Sooner or later…

There WILL be a breakthrough from the pain.

You know the song, “Sooner or later it will turn in your favor.” It’s by Vashawn Mitchell, Turning Around For Me.  I’m actually listening to it now as I write this.

Expect a “suddenly” shift. The “suddenly” shift that I’m referring to will change your perception so you can see things differently. You have to want to shift. It can’t be someone else’s suggestion. You must decide that I am NOT going to stay down anymore because you recognize when it’s time for you to move forward with joy and a renewed spirit.

Be in expectation for greater because you are…simply amazing.


So, it’s only the 4th of the month but I already feel a shift. I feel a shift in my spirit. I feel a shift in my mind. I feel a shift in my perspective. I feel a shift in my peace. Even if you are in your difficult season, please know that a shift is coming. Shifts are necessary.

So put on your smile and….push! You got this!

april showers 2.jpg

In hindsight, I am in appreciation for April’s stank moment. God has your back and will come through on HIS timing! Know your worth and work on you. In due time, EVERYTHING else will fall into place. 🙂

I’m releasing my very first book soon! I can’t wait to share my message, testimony and transformation with the world regarding my battles and breakthroughs with toxic relationships and brokenness.

It am in expectation that this book will heal somebody!





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