Trust it…

Trust the process, even if you can’t see the end results. Sometimes, you go through trials and challenges, delays and set backs. Those are part of the process.

The process is there to teach us, grow us, restore us and remind us that we are destined for more than what we are settling for.

Sometimes, the process lasts longer than others simply because we didn’t learn our lesson or it is preparing us for something greater.

I feel that I’ve been in the process of learning more about myself daily and with that comes a humbling process. I thought I had it all figured out. By now, I thought I’d be married with 3.5 kids, a beautiful German Shepard or Collie (I love German Shepard’s), nice home and a debt free life.

Now, for somebody, that’s their reality and I ain’t mad at em! It’s not to say that their life is better. My path is different and I’m finally accepting the fact that it’s perfectly okay.

You may not have had the life you expected but it probably turned out far greater than you ever imagined.

Learning to be in gratitude for who I am becoming is a “process” that I go through. 


Oh, and Girl– Let me not forget patience, soul-searching and a lot of humble pie.

When you realize that your process is unique to you, the temptation of wanting to compare won’t be a factor.


I just published a You Tube video on this very subject. Make sure to check it out.



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