It’s here! That 30ish Life Podcast…

Hey! So, ya girl started a podcast. I’ve done the blogs and You Tube but I didn’t see this coming.  I’m officially a podcaster now alongside my good friend Rachon.


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It all started with an idea…

“We should start a podcast,” Rachon says.

“Oh, yeah, that sounds cute,” I said. What I really thought was, how in the heck is  that supposed to happen? I just listen…not record!

Can I be honest? I really didn’t think it would get this far. I gotta tell you…

It was a random conversation, something that was brought up but I didn’t think it would actually culminate to anything real since my follow through game is faulty at times. SMH

Team work is everything. If it was me…I might still be on phase procrastination-writing ideas down in my notebook and contemplating over them until I gave up and moved on to the next. I’m a serial procrastinator in the need of  a serious deliverance!

Well, with a team, I have accountability so giving up wasn’t an option. Rachon suggested that we start having meetings to discuss what we would talk about, our focus for the podcast and all that jazz.

Oh, so this is actually a real thing, I thought. We are really getting ready to launch a podcast?


logo_updated_that 30ish life

Since our schedules are equally crazy, I suggested that we meet on Friday evenings during Christion’s track meet practices so I wouldn’t sacrifice time with him. That’s my son, by the way if  you’re a newbie.

This became a very organized mission. We had agendas, meeting minutes, a next plan of action, research—we are officially getting ready to be iTunes, SoundCloud and Google Play official.

Weeks went by, meeting agendas set, action plans in full effect and Facebook live episodes on replay. Then, it eventually came down to technical conversations. What mic would we use? What platform is good for hosting? How long are podcast episodes? What is our layout? How do you even record a podcast? Setting up for i Tunes and SoundCloud? Is there a manual for this? Lawd, help us!

As I digress, I realize that we’ve come a very long way. What was simply an idea/suggestion turned out to be way more. It’s all still a work in progress but what I can say is this, we started it and that’s what matters most. It is a movement that will help so many women around the world! And BOOM! There it is, That 30ish Life became a real thing.




We set a date for the release of the very first episode back in January. I remember thinking…March is so far away but that time crept up with a quickness. Between the Facebook groups and Instagram posts..meetings/schedule conflicts, graphic design whammies, March definitely came super fast. Planning was the main thing. You must have a plan no matter what. It’s the one thing that allowed this idea to become a reality. What more can I say, if it wasn’t for accountability….where would I be?

March 10th…the official release date.

That 30ish Life Podcast was born because two women decided to use their voices to empower, uplift and unite single, women in their 30’s who are on a mission toward self-improvement. We did it. We launched the very first episode!

New beginnings…

The number 8 represents new beginnings. Since starting 2018, I’ve had a few new beginnings, including this podcast launch which I’m very proud of.

This episode is the first of many and will inspire, encourage, empower and motivate amazing queens throughout the world to be their very best.

I believe that this podcast will influence others to live in purpose and to let go of the past. This is a year of new beginnings not just for myself but for those who actually want to make a conscious effort to do more and who are willing to obey the calling on their life.


Why a podcast?

Well, let’s see. I think it started when I discovered the world of podcasting about a year ago. I’d heard about podcasts before but never fully discovered the full essence of them nor did I make myself available to listen. I think I stumbled upon someone’s social media page that featured a link for a podcast episode. At that time and still now, I am trying to expose my ear gate to something other than the music choices that I still consider because there’s still a hint of rachetness lingering…another deliverance needed!

There is NOTHING wrong with music, by the way. I just felt the need to educate myself, hear a different perspective, get some wisdom, change it up a bit–you know.

So, eventually, my podcast library consisted of a little more than 10 different stations, all from different perspectives, but just enough to keep me interested.  I listen as I clean the house, drive home from work, at the grocery store and whenever I feel like it. I am really into podcasts now so what better way to start. Why not join the movement?

The That 30ish Life Podcast primarily focuses on minority single women in their 30’s who are on a mission toward self-improvement. They don’t follow the crowd and walk to their own tune. They are independent, smart, sophisticated, opinionated, melanated, and open for controversial dialogue with other like-minded individuals.

The myth that we MUST have something wrong with us if we aren’t married and knocked up by 29 has been dispelled. How dare you hit your 30’s without the ring and the baby on the way? Shame on it all.

This is the unfortunate stigma that has been placed on our generation, especially women of color. We are pressured about the husband, kids, career—it becomes overwhelming to the point that you automatically feel something is wrong with you all because you don’t fall into the category that everyone thinks you should be in.

From what I’ve witnessed from most of my friends, peers or other women in this age group is that we are game changers. Our lives don’t mirror that of our parents/grandparents. We are marrying later, having babies much farther down the road and starting our businesses faster. We are stepping into our purpose and making moves for our future generations. We are reclaiming our time! Go head, Maxine, for making that proclamation.

All of what is meant for you will come. Trust God’s timing!

Quite honestly, you can’t determine your life based on other people’s limited perception of you. Times have changed, life is different. I had my son at 25, unwed…

Whether you are 30, 40, 50 or beyond, you have the right to be authentically you, unapologetically.

So, get to it. What are you starting this year?

  • A book
  • Podcast
  • You tube channel
  • Blog
  • Song/Album
  • Ministry
  • Business

Your calling is not just for you to fulfill on this earth but for the next soul who needs to “heal” from your testimony.

Congratulations to That 30ish Life and the hosts Kristen and Rachon!

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One Reply to “It’s here! That 30ish Life Podcast…”

  1. “We are pressured about the husband, kids, career—it becomes overwhelming to the point that you automatically feel something is wrong with you all because you don’t fall into the category that everyone thinks you should be in.” This is very relevant statement, especially in the dynamic world that we now live in.

    I was just thinking about these things on my way to work this morning. Particularly, in regards to my pre-teen daughter. I have never wanted her (or my son) to feel pressured into doing anything before they were ready to do what they want to do. I have always been a proponent of independent thought and decision-making. In other words, not going with the crowd just because. I am an independent thinker and doer, I might add. And I always wanted my children to be so as well. I want them to fulfill their God-given destiny not do something just because society says that it is the right thing to do.

    In particular, I want my daughter to have the freedom to be herself and get to know herself before she starts focusing on being in a committed relationship. Because this is the very thing that got me side-tracked during my early adult life. I got married at 20 because it was what my mom wanted me to do. Thankfully, no children came out of that situation but a lot of brokenness and diverted aspirations did. Fortunately, I was blessed to get back on track in a reasonable amount of time. But my entire life took a turn for the worst during the mourning phase of my divorce and I had no one to help me navigate through that process.

    Looking back at that experience and my life experiences since that point, I think it would have been beneficial for me to do some type of travelling volunteer experience or something along those lines. But such an option wasn’t even available to me because I hadn’t been exposed to such possibilities during that time in life. This is why I am working diligently to ensure that my children know that they have options and that they are free to take the route that best suits them.


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