Attack me if you want…

This morning, I woke up feeling defeated, discouraged and a bit depressed. There has been one thing after the next. For starters, yesterday I found out that someone put my son’s lunch box in the boys’ bathroom toilet. Who does that? The devil is a lie!

I know it seems silly but out of all the kids you want to pick on mines? You must have forgot who I was…Oh, don’t judge me by appearances.

I was furious when he tells me this because I just knew it was a prank or worse, a potential bully. I’m very protective over my son, especially since he’s my only one. I am also especially cautious and watchful over potential bully behavior…I’m a teacher so I see it all the time. Kids get very broken when this happens and it leads to unnecessary feelings and contemplation. I know what you’re thinking–no, he is not the only young man of color at the school but I’m pretty sure things would have been handled different if he was of a different….nah, I’m not going there today. Let me digress again.

Of course, I questioned the mess out of him and I’ve already made arrangements to speak to the admin on my lunch break. Girl…you think I’m playin?? One thing that I’m not skilled in is controlling my mouth when I get upset. Lord, help me on today.

Black Boy Joy….

My son isn’t an ordinary kid, in fact, he is amazing, gifted, talented and my son so that in itself is golden. Seriously though, I taught him to be himself and not to conform to what society expects for you to be.

I’m so happy to say that the majority of his friends are Asian, Latino, Black and White…you get it, right? This mentality of having a rainbow of friends more than likely came from his experiences abroad. I boast about that to EVERYONE because it has made such a significant impact on his life. His travels around the world…exposure to different languages, cultures, experiences—I know that the time we spent in both the UAE and Uganda has made him magical… #blackboymagic

The truth is…

I remind him daily that he is developing into a very powerful black man and no matter what mom thinks, I tell him this, “The world has already put labels on you and will try its best to box you into a mentality that is not befitting nor true.”

(*Clears throat*) Ahhh hem…I digress because I can feel the blood pressure rising…

What the heck happened?!?

So, I asked him a series of questions in panic like, “Did you see anyone around the bathroom at the time?” or “Has anyone been teasing you or acting funny?”

Enemy….try me if you want but don’t “&$%” with my son…

Waking up this morning, I have a more leveled head about it. The thought of a bully…an attack…a prank–whatever it is….I declare and decree that no weapon formed shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17).

Although the situation could have been worse, this was a wake up call for both of us. I brought up the conversation about being more observant of your surroundings, cautious about “friends” and the fact that everyone has a hater…no matter how great you think you are…life throws lemons and haters your way just because…life wouldn’t be life without them. I love lemons in my water, by the way. #randomthoughts

I even told him that yes, start using discernment.

“What’s that, mom?”

“Discernment is…well son, let’s just say you gotta trust that gut feeling because it doesn’t lie.” I said with a side eye intact.

“Oh, and don’t think that the world excludes you from the malicious attempts because it happens to the best of us.”

You have to protect your spirit and your peace.

I expect my personal attacks to come….like a questionable health report phone call I received the other day, the distance I feel with the one I love or my finances…Bye Felica!

Attacks remind me that its my time for progress and change and the enemy doesn’t like to see this at all…#spiritual growth.

How do I combat the attacks?

Attack me if you want….but I know better. God has me and the same for you.

Did I intend for this post to be a sermon? Nah…but ya girl needed to speak this word into the universe on today because the enemy will try you if you aren’t careful.

Your season of change, progress, growth and favor is here. So, automatically expect attacks–against your spirit, mind, emotions, body, family, work life, etc. I have been using my morning time to pray, read the word, journal and really search God with my heart.

When I see attacks now, it reminds me that my faith needs to step it up a bit.

It is only a test.

Lesson learned

Don’t get weary in a season of change. When it seems like the attacks start rolling in, you want to question God, faith and trust. Who do you run to? It’s in the season of change when discouragement sets in and you ask yourself, “Is this even worth it?”

For you God-fearing moms, speak to your kids about this. The attacks hit all areas of our lives, especially our closest loved ones.

Here are a few scriptures I read to help me combat the rise of an attack on my life:

The word is full of scriptures regarding attacks. These are just a few that you can meditate on right now as you prepare for whatever is coming your way. I’m believing for a breakthrough, anointed favor and God’s call on your life.


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