Did you give it up yet?

Now that I have your attention…giving it up…doesn’t always have to relate to sex. Is that what you were thinking?

Giving it up comes in all forms…especially the energy that you…give up and start taking in.

I don’t think I fully gave up my full surrender to the whole positive energy shift that I blogged about last week. I actually reflected about the workplace, my relationship, regarding my personal time–energy is real. If you haven’t read my first blog about it, make sure you read what I had to say…

If I want more positivity….I have to literally talk the talk…and…well you know the rest. I have to essentially give up the energy that no longer serves me and give out the energy that I want to receive back.

I do actually try to practice what I preach and not be so hypocritical about it. I used to do that- “Girl, you should exercise at least 3 times a week, save money, do self-love checks and not stay in toxic, broken relationships!”

I actually told a friend all of this and then turned around to do the polar opposite, especially the part about staying in toxic relationships. Where did I find myself? In toxic, broken relationships. Another story for a different day but you can check out what I learned from a broken heart right here.


What am I doing to keep myself from attracting the energy I want and deserve?

Gossiping, negative thinking, being petty…yes, girl yes! I said it. Petty. It happens. It’s a process. But…I have to give it up. It no longer serves where I’m trying to take my life.

Let me tell it–

I found myself gossiping about work issues this week and honestly, I don’t remember the details but it had to be about something petty and quite frankly, it was none of my darn business…at all.

I have to admit–it’s contagious. It’s juicy…It’s…inevitably toxic!

The gossip is totally toxic and inevitably created more negative energy in my spirit. Get this– all the while, the person had no friggin idea that this was even happening! So who’s getting hurt by it in the end? I was giving off the negative energy therefore, it became apart of me. I gots ta give THAT up!

Are we building each other up, especially as women, or tearing us down? The world does enough of that already.

I thought I left those negative thoughts in 2017  is a blog post worthy of checking out.  (shameless plug)!! 

Trying to get to the next level in life, love, relationships, career–you name it–requires a shift in our energy that will attract what we are asking for. Give up what’s not working for you AND give what you want in return.

For instance–

I desire to be a wife but if I refuse to carry myself as such in the now, even before the husband has been confirmed, how will marriage manifest for me? I have to begin to act like one in order to become one. I definitely had to give my clubbing days a rest. I digress.

We are all going through the process of  seeking more whether it be in the form of love, time, recognition, money, attention, respect, resources…

In order for us to get more, we have to give more.


Giving up more of our ENERGY in the form of  love, help, positivity, creativity, encouragement, motivation, patience, a listening ear…requires a shift in our thinking. It requires a change in how we want our lives to be. It requires the actual act of doing what it takes to get to that place. It requires a shift in our energy. This is part of that whole self-love mantra I so LOVE to talk about

So, I’m in the process of shifting today. What are you giving up?




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