Why didn’t I leave that in 2017?

Hey lovelies!

I missed you dearly. In fact, let me start off by screaming (cover your ears) Happy New Year! I intentionally wanted to yell that out because this year is meant for new beginnings.I’m rooting for you and I know this is going to be a year of phenomenal moments and unexpected surprises. Be in gratitude because so much more is to come!


May this year bring you more clarity, direction, purpose, love, light, joy and peace. I hope and pray that your heart desires, hopefully aligned with God’s will for your life, manifest for you!


However, in order for you to fully receive this….you need to ask yourself, “Do I love me enough to let go of whatever wasn’t for me from 2017?”

When I blog, I’m not just speaking to you—I’m speaking to myself as well. Yes, yes, what woman do you know that doesn’t intentionally speak to herself? Now, it may not all be in a nurturing kind of way but believe you me, we are definitely talking one way or the next. The speaking to self is so necessary because sometimes…well…we just need a roaring but gentle reminder.

I’ve already recognized that there are some things that carried over with me from 2017 that should have been burned and buried 6 feet under. Adios. Finito. I’m so super serious…but…we live and learn.

It’s the necessary chaos that reminds you to raise your standards and expectations and leave no room for foolishness! It shouldn’t get to the point of disgust but when it does, you are willing to go the extra mile, deal with the unnecessary chaos and make some life altering changes with the potential of positioning yourself for new beginnings. Sound like you? Ah…well…it’s not too late! (Hey, 2018, I see you).

I’ve been in some pretty messed up romantic relationships. I’ve been mishandled, not just by a man but by myself. I use the word mishandled because when you don’t know who you are and your worth, it automatically gives people the permission to misuse you and not treat you in the way that you deserve. Then, it forces you to mis-handle yourself and settle for less than God’s best because you aren’t aware of your super amazing self. If you were, would you  have allowed yourself to stay unhappy and mentally/emotionally blocked by ridiculousness? Exactly. I didn’t think so.


You know the saying, God only helps children and fools….who can confess to being a fool at one point in life?? Ummmm….I confess. (***drops the mic).

That’s when necessary chaos forces us to change. It’s the discovery that you are finally through with B.S. and you are now looking for the nearest exit. It’s like the universe is telling us to get out of your own way but forces you to do so by unwanted circumstances (i.e. a crazy workplace, bad vibin’ friend, a draining romantic relationship, a prideful spirit, etc).

You see, without that necessary chaos, our lives will continuously end up in the same repeated cycles of destruction, leaving us wondering if there is anything better than staying where we are.

You see, my necessary chaos allows me to see that no, I don’t have to take this and yes, I can do better, mainly with how I value myself.

This includes your spiritual awareness (energy doesn’t lie), mental health and emotional stability. Looking at the inner depths of your soul…connecting to your self in ways that speaks volumes or in other words prevents the necessary chaos from even happening because you’ve developed this innate sense of self that says….I’m not entertaining the nonsense anymore!

Get this-The necessary chaos can’t even ruffle your feathers unless you allow it to because you’ve put self-love on the back burner in order to please or appease someone else.  Self-love MUST dominate first.

For the record, please don’t confuse self-love for a  full body massage, nails, hair and a new pair of red bottoms…(which I’ve never owned by the way…but you get the point). Believe me–physical appearance is so important but it starts with how we feel about ourselves. The rest will naturally radiate from the inside out, on purpose!

Eventually, your life will have no room for toxic nonsense or the necessary chaos that forces you to move. You will automatically recognize your self-worth which is tantamount to self-love. Good bye to anything that brings your energy to an all time low, breeds confusion or keeps you stuck by not allowing you to be the queen that you were created to be.

By the way, check out my blog post on your worth being greater than your woes right here.

Here are just some of the things I should have left in 2017:

  • Procrastination
  • Self-sabotage
  • Allowing fear to control you
  • Confusion
  • Draining romantic counterparts
  • Settling…for less
  • Bad habits
  • Limiting your mindset
  • Ignoring your God given intuition (ladies, we all have it).

When you release these back to where they came from–the depths of deep insecurities, low self-esteem and the lies that you’ve told yourself – you naturally invite self-love.

How, you ask?


It starts with a powerful switch in your mind by acknowledging who you truly are for all of your goodness and the latter. Loving you enough to say no…loving you enough to actually do better. Loving you enough to position yourself for greater and staying in that space until change comes. It starts with the inner workings of you. Yes, yes, a few bumps on the head is totally normal and expected….heck, I am still bumping my head even as I write. Ouch and Amen!

After a ton of wake up calls, bumps on the head, Ahhh haaa moments and intuition slaps…enough is enough and you realize that you’ve GOT to do better, sis! Period. No excuses this time around.

New beginnings, remember? The number 8 (2018) represents new beginnings soooo…what are you waiting for?

Lovely day beautiful soul.







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