Your worth is greater than your woes…

I want to share something with you…something from my experiences but mainly from my heart space.

In moments of chaos, confusion, bitterness, broken spirits and self-doubt, don’t forget who you were created to be. You weren’t created to hold that emotional baggage for long without figuring out the lesson.

Yes, life happens and I’m a witness to all of the above mentioned emotional upheavals but I had to realize that at some point, self-sabotage is a beast and that my worth was greater than my woes.

I would go around finding excuses for why I shouldn’t love or be loved. I would make excuses for why I am not where I really wanted to be. Procrastination.

Excuses after excuses, self-doubt after self-doubt. I was literally selling out my worth for my woes.

Not anymore.

I decided. I decided that it was time for me to love again…and I’m talking about the love that allows you to fall deeper in love with yourself.

Believe me when I say that…

Positive minds sprinkled with some self-love will shift your perspective.

Shift perspectives affirm truths.

Your truths are what keeps you grounded in peace, self-compassion and awareness.

Your awareness and self-compassion remind you that your purpose is now.

Allowing unproductive or negative situations to dwell only keeps you in a place of mental suffering and emotional turmoil. If I can offer any advice, no matter what is thrown your way, love on you and don’t allow the woes/frustrations or enemy of life keep you in a place of fear, complacency, self-doubt or confusion.

Self sabotage is a beast so don’t allow it to over consume your awesomeness.

Your crown should stay strategically positioned on your head so that you can constantly remember your fabulousness! As I tell my son and my students, hold your head up high and smile. We sometimes need to encourage our own selves, ya feel me?!

Take whatever lesson life is showing and throwing you in the now and use it to your benefit for future reference. We are all here to love, learn, grow, glow, influence and to fulfill our God-given purpose.

If you would just take a moment to shift your thoughts about your self-worth…

Why not love, laugh, reflect, speak truth, listen to your spirit and open your mind to new possibilities and changes?

Love on you and remember, your worth is far greater than your woes.



The world needs you to shine today so dust off your crown, put your red lipstick on and strut your stuff in the rain, snow or sleet.

(Sidebar) If you’re like me and live in a warmer climate, you don’t have to be bothered with any of those melodramatic weather scenarios.

Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus!

Your present moment is a gift from God so shine lady, shine on…


I am joy, peace and love.

I will allow my amazing spirit to matter today because I’m love.




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