In the spirit of…gratitude!

I truly miss this space. You know that when you are in a constant reflection of something or always longing for it, especially when that “thing” pertains to your purpose or being in God’s will for your life, it is a sign that you need to get back on it.

My blog needs heaps of love right now. Feeding the dry places of this blog space is essential to my growth as a writer and my readership.

By the way, I just published another You Tube video on gratitude. Make sure you watch it, like it and subscribe to my channel. I have many more videos coming regarding my journey as a single mom, new relationships/dating and being in the spirit of self-love and awareness.

Speaking of gratitude, what are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for…

  • The Holy Spirit
  • my passion for sharing my story
  • my caring and nurturing spirit
  • motherhood
  • my ups/downs and all in between
  • love
  • My purpose
  • my goofy side
  • My gifts
  • My true tribe both near and far
  • spiritual awakenings
  • My intuitive nature
  • My strengths
  • My weaknesses
  • My health
  • My inspirations
  • My motivations
  • My ambition
  • etc….

It’s not too late to get started.

Keep a gratitude journal. Write down the things about you that you are most grateful for.

Sometimes, you need to be in gratitude of you before you focus on the things that you have. You are a unique creation that deserves constant recognition, love, affirmation, etc. Be in gratitude for you!

Side bar-Finding time to blog in conjunction with the many other aspects of my life has seemed near to impossible, however, shifting my mindset around why I do it evokes immediate gratification for my life.

Yeah, of course I can remember being able to knock out a post at least once a week, but somewhere along the way, I’ve allowed imbalance to set in, causing the rest of my wondering pursuits float on by without any given explanation on my part. I can’t continue to allow this to happen. YOU can’t continue for this to happen.

Are you in constant gratitude over what your life has offered? Are you even in a spirit of receiving those things or are you blinded by the wrong mindset?

I personally have to remind myself to be in consistent gratitude over my ideas, gifts, love for writing, sharing, communicating, helping, teaching, inspiring and…of course my longing for healing. Simply acknowledging the need to be in gratitude over myself allows me to realize that more checks and balances need to be in order for me to fully be present in myself and in full gratitude over the many wonderfully amazing parts of my life. Gratitude baby! Grab you some and…GO!




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