What I didn’t know about event planning…


So, I did it. I finally had my very first Single Mother’s meet-up called “Single in Purpose.” Ahhhh. I can breathe now.

Have you ever anticipated something for so long and once it was over, you realize that it wasn’t that bad after all? Yep! That was me.

I didn’t realize how much worry I allowed to slip into my head space about this entire thing as if God didn’t already confirm that it was going to be super amazing!

Event Details

The “Single in Purpose” event theme was created to encourage single moms to pursue life with purpose despite the circumstances. So, if you’re single or not necessarily where you want to be in life, pursue your goals/dreams/ambitions with purpose and full intent.

This event, which was held on Saturday, May 13th at 10:30 a.m., encompassed inspiring conversations, engaging ice breakers and meaningful connections with various single moms around the Las Vegas area.

The event lasted a little over an hour and to be quite honest, my agenda list far outweighed my time selection. I set up the agenda to include introductions, fun but impactful ice breakers, (getting to know you) games, discussions, hands on reflection activities and of course, indulgence in the appetizer selections, especially those cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries!

I rented a room at the West Las Vegas library on Lake Mead and MLK which is in a central section of Las Vegas. I specifically selected that location because of the demographic that I want to target for my program which is young, AA single moms. I promoted in that area as well, passing out fliers to the local community centers and young moms.


To totally top it all off, we had four raffle giveaways which included items such as a massage giveaway, free book, wine set and a $25 VISA gift card. It was phenomenal to be able to give away gifts to deserving moms on Mother’s Day.

That Surreal moment when it starts to make sense…

After the event was finalized, I felt so accomplished and relieved at the same time. I even felt more confident than ever before to conquer one of my biggest fears again…hosting an event and speaking in front of people.

This event, my friends, was a very long time coming because I’d been mulling over the idea for quite a while but doubted it because I didn’t see the value in the vision God gave to me. You know what it really was…I didn’t feel worthy enough to take on this responsibility. I am someone who has definitely not lived the life of dignity and grace. Who am I to get up and speak to a group of women about change?

I kept telling myself that I’ve had my fair share of mess ups and so-called challenges, however, God doesn’t see it that way. He sees our capabilities, trials and now testimonies and wants us to be in  greater position to help others who are going through similar situations.

All of our past issues are definitely not in vain and are there to help us speak into the lives of others.


I was beyond grateful that I, Miss Kris, finally had a platform that gives other single moms in the Las Vegas area the opportunity to grow in so many ways, however, moving forward, it’s up to me to trust the process, act upon the vision, take the wheel and be obedient and FOCUSED!

Ladies, we need to stop feeding ourselves negative self talk and living in the past. It’s over and all the lies that were told about you are, too. You can’t keep putting yourself down because of your past decisions. You have a choice to move on or to stay put and wallow in your misery.

Here are some pictures from the event…

A moment of truth…

All of it came together for me on that day when the women who attended shared their testimonies and stories, something that we can all relate to in some way.

One of the attendees shared an amazing testimony with the group which really confirmed that what I’m doing in on time and purposeful. She shared that this event was powerful for her and that she is glad that there is opportunities for women to network, socialize, grow, change and get inspired. YEEEESSSS!

This is what it’s all about, momentous changes, joy, peace and self-love.

Event Planning tips…

If I would have known better…well there is always a next time:

  • Find a venue that suites the specific purpose and plan for your event.
  • Make sure the time frame is reasonable for all that you need to do.
  • Don’t overspend. Research more cost efficient ways to save when planning.
  • Be consistent on social media when publicising your event.
  • Be proactive in the community by participating at other like-minded events by sharing your event, business card and purpose. You’ll be surprised at who else wants to support you.
  • Send out communication for your event at least 3-4 weeks prior.
  • Smile. Have fun and remember your purpose behind it all.

If you are planning an event or at least thinking about it, I say go for it with total gusto! You got this. I actually had fun in the process because it kept me extremely busy but focused. That’s what we need, more community leaders and advocates for healthy change in our communities. We need more unity and communication. We need to help others as much as possible and give our time to places that need it the most.

You have an event planning idea? Please believe, girlfriend, I don’t coin myself as such but it just happened that way and so far…so darn good!

Don’t sit on your greatness….Find ways to execute your idea, even if it starts out small…don’t give up!

I can’t wait to hear about your first event planning experience. Have you planned an event recently? What are some tips you can offer?

Stay tuned for future Mommies who R.I.S.E. events. Topics include:

  • Self-Love
  • Healthy, Holistic living
  • Relationships
  • Financial literacy
  • Parenting


Until next time,



4 Replies to “What I didn’t know about event planning…”

  1. I actually like this post! Congratulations on your event! Great and helpful advice for planning an event. I Must send this to someone I know is having Vision Board Events!

    Loved this line- “He (God) sees our capabilities, trials and now testimonies and wants us to be in greater position to help others who are going through similar situations.” I needed that today 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Charlene,

      Thank you for this comment. Yes, it is so important for us to believe in our abilities to thrive regardless of our circumstances. Yes, please send this post to someone. We will be having a vision board party in July. I can add you to my email list so you can be apprised of updates if you like. Be blessed and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

      Liked by 1 person

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