Let me tell you about my date…

I did it. I did that thing…you know…I just went for it all the way…

I set the date and am going to make it happen.

I have a date for my very first…

Single Mother’s Event entitled, Single In Purpose! YESSSSSSSS!

Single In Purpose(1)

Now…what were you thinking? Did you think I meant a romantic counterpart? Well, well…In due time, honey, in due time… 😉

But about this other date…

You have no idea how far I’ve come nor how long I’ve hesitated, procrastinated and doubted this vision. I knew it was meant because…well…I couldn’t knock it no matter how hard I tried.


I’ve put it off, picked it back up and then set it down again, only to look at in the face with full and complete denial. I questioned God and even the reason behind why I want to do it. I contemplated, walked away, used my geographical location as a factor and excuse. Get this- I even allowed numerous haters to even try to discourage me from starting!!! Now..that’s really extreme. At the end of it all…I’m baaacccck and in full effect. I couldn’t resist. I wanted to do this…I needed to…it is on time, purposeful and real yall! It’s finally coming together.

So when I say you have no idea….girl…! The struggle is real!

So, this said event is in Las Vegas on May 13th.

The theme, Single in Purpose, derives from the idea that regardless of what “it” may look like, you are in this very place in your life for a reason. Maybe there is something that you can only do while single? God may be using you for something great right now and if you were married, the opportunity wouldn’t be as important. Single in Purpose is to remind you of your greatness in this very season. Being single doesn’t mean that you’ll be there forever nor should it feel like a prison sentence. I want to encourage women to believe in their now and to move in power, clarity, peace wisdom and determination, utilizing this time to the max because once this season is finished….

By the way, who told you that singleness is depressing, sorrowful or bitter? You are single for a reason. Enjoy it, be purposeful in it and use this opportunity to grow in you, become wiser, stronger and more prepared so that when God brings you to your due season, you know, the one you’ve feverishly prayed about unceasingly, you will be on fire!

You want to know something…? Shhhh…don’t tell anyone…but uh..

It’s really not as bad as it seems once you take the fear factor mask off, throw it down and run wildly toward the direction of finally doing that damn thang! I mean..shoot…I almost feel like saying…what in the world was I waiting for?!?! But gosh golly…we all know that ugly four letter word that starts with an F…and I’m not speaking of the explicit word!

This meet-up will introduce a new program that I’m starting which focuses on the single mom by inspiring her to get life/family into a more positive and progressive focus by incorporating resources and empowerment through workshops, classes, social outings and more.

To register for this FREE event, go here.

I’m sure that somewhere along the way I’ll fine tune it all but in the interim, I knew that it was time to make something happen. It was time to follow my dreams.

You want  to help? Sure! Invite a mom or two. They could surely enjoy the conversation, laughs, fellowship, community, eats, raffles, etc.  It will be long overdue and so necessary, especially right before Mother’s Day! I will be setting up a Go Fund me account soon so if a financial contribution would work better for you, that’s awesome. Between scheduling venues, speakers, food and materials, sponsorships would be a grand blessing!

In the meantime, be encouraged on today and don’t let any obstacles stand in your way of your dreams, goals and/or purpose. You are meant to plan that event, set up that meeting, schedule some time with that business partner, write that book, get on that plane, post that social media message, step out on faith, write that business plan and file those non-profit papers, etcetera, etcetera…

You have the authority to make it happen today! Get it!

Now excuse me as I continue on with my event planning shenanigans!



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