Did you just drop the mic?

Did you really just “shut the front door” to make someone else feel better…?!?!

Before you drop that mic, your voice needs to be heard…You matter. We matter…it matters…

drop mic


Don’t you just miss our former president in times like this? I digress.


Let me get this off my chest…

To be honest, when I walk into certain rooms, I don’t feel qualified. Why? Well…more than likely from the debilitating idea that my voice or actions may make someone else feel uncomfortable or that they won’t be accepted, understood or acknowledged. I said it. I revealed a secret of mine…


If you aren’t making others uncomfortable, you need to up your game.

More than likely, if I say what I mean and mean what I say…someone will be:

  • hurt
  • uncomfortable
  • offended
  • mad
  • angry
  • happy
  • sad
  • bitter
  • confused

and…the list goes on.

At my school, for example, I’m one of the only black teachers. I work with people from all different age brackets and years of experiences but the one thing that stands true is…most of them don’t look like me nor can they relate to my theories, ideas or state of mind. So what! I’ve dropped that mic too many times for someone else to get the glory…I can’t do this anymore…I just can’t.

I think its even more important that as women of color, we need to use uncomfortable environments to be more awake, heard, proactive and empowering. Just because individuals don’t understand you doesn’t mean your voice shouldn’t be heard. Remember, you matter…and your message is deeply empowering.

black women office

I put out a controversial You Tube video the other day on why I don’t do long distance relationships and the reason why my ex and I are no longer together. Watch the video below and let me know what you think.

I got so much negative feedback to the point that I disabled the comments. I wanted to take the video down but…I decided to keep it posted because those are my words, my thoughts and ideas that I’ve decided to share with the world, unapologetically. Point. Blank. Period. It helped somebody…not everybody…but it still matters.

Becoming more aware of who we really are and not what people think about us.

Once I started accepting me for me and understanding that my uniqueness was a necessary contribution to my community, it made those rooms a little smaller, my voice a little louder and my faith much stronger.

You are…

amazing post june 17

God is trying to take you to another level so he will put you in those uncomfortable scenarios to give you the strength, courage and resilience to do accomplish any task, no matter the challenge.

You are beyond the limitations you and the rest of the world have set for you!

What will you speak out about today in those rooms you feel unqualified in? How will you expand your network, share your ideas to a group, speak up and be heard? Do it…no matter how uncomfortable you make others feel.

Our children are always watching us and we need to set the tone for what we expect from them.They need to feel empowered on purpose and made aware that their voice matters!






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