I almost failed this morning…but…

I woke up this morning in sort of a deep sweat.

I was feeling some type of way…

My thoughts consumed me.

I let my emotions overtake me.

My mind wandered into deep thought…worry…fury…pain. Oh no!

My concerns were far too many.

My morning workout schedule was altered a bit because….well….no excuses other than I just wasn’t feeling it.

Then, you hear about another brotha who kills himself over mental illness from Cleveland. By the way, I really try to avoid watching the news because it is very depressing but I know it is a necessary part of being actively present in society.

I felt more inclined to pray but the words…the words weren’t quite coming out like I wanted.

I needed to get in a better place mentally, spiritually….and emotionally if I wanted a great day. Reflection, clarity, peace…empowerment…(repeat).

I needed to remember why I’m here and my importance, strength, wisdom and values.

I almost failed my morning because I allowed my thoughts, environment and emotions…get the best of me.

Are you failing your morning?

We can’t allow the inhibitions of our atmosphere, mind, emotions and insecurities prevent us from having a day filled with clarity, peace, joy, love and productivity.We need this to thrive!

Speak life.

Speak restoration.
Speak peace.

Speak joy….not just happiness…but unshakable joy!

Proclaim positive thoughts!

You are beyond words amazing. Speak that, too.


We need to embrace life and enjoy every moment once the morning hits us because you never know when it will be our last….

We have no time to waste in waddling in our sorrows.  Its time to check it!

  • Does it need to be removed from your life?
  • Do you need to make some adjustments?
  • Whose negative energy are you consuming?
  • What do you need to release before you go to bed?
  • What affirmations are needed?

When you shine, attacks will come. Attacks will come to throw you off your square or make you feel…well unworthy. The devil is a lie!

We have to command our morning with strength and resilience because just as sure as there is a difference between night and day, attacks will come on those who are moving in purpose and in God’s will.

And…if you aren’t sure what this all means or how that feels, girl, I’ve been there. I know how it feels to be confused about purpose, life and…God. But…when there is a will…God moves.

We can’t afford to fail our morning. Our morning is the very breath we need for the strength of our day.

Our morning sets the tone…

You have control over your thoughts, fears, emotions…you can take back your morning.

Get guidance, strength, wisdom, clarity and peace through….

  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Reading
  • listening to music
  • Writing
  • Exercising

What else do you do?

You Got This!

 No fear, No limit….trust….love…move! BE!


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