You can and will…JUMP!

Walking into corporate workplace rooms, unfamiliar situations, new opportunities, job interviews or unexpected visits can be intimidating with the wrong mindset. Heck, stepping out on faith and believing in what it is that you’ve set out to do can be even worse. You know we are our worst enemy, especially in our heads. We block our own blessings all thee time. Geesh!

How many times have you walked into rooms, meetings, organizations, workplace environments, etc not feeling good enough?

You felt undeserving; out-of-place or the need to be silenced because you feel that whatever you have to offer may not be good enough for the situation. You allow fear in that very moment to control your next move because you don’t understand the value of your voice, message, testimony, experience or expertise.

Yes you! I’m speaking to you! You have all of that but you may never know it since you continuously allow your fear hinder your growth.

People don’t believe this about me but I’m very shy. Well, I say I’m shy in unfamiliar situations but once I’m comfortable, you see a completely different side of me. Blogging, You Tube and social media posts have not always been easy for me. I always lived with this bottled up hesitancy about posting something that could potentially shatter my rep. Even worse, I would worry about what others thought or I feared saying, sharing AND telling way too much of my business. Eventually, I broke that cycle and jumped.

Even at that time, I didn’t realize my value. I didn’t realize that my message, voice, testimony and experiences have the power to heal, restore and uplift the next soul. I know that I’ve been changed by someone else’s story so why couldn’t I do the same? There will be many of uncomfortable situations but how will we grow if we don’t stretch? How can we break the cycle of insecurity, lack of self-worth or guidance over our lives if we don’t step into those very uncomfortable zones and try something new, speak out or tell our story?

Moving forward a few years, I finally told myself that if it is on my heart to do something, God will give me the provisions for it. I couldn’t sweat either the small or big stuff any longer and mess with my destiny. Girl, I just couldn’t do it any longer. Life is too short.

What messages have you heard as a child or even an adult that’s jaded your understanding of who you are today? Why are you comparing your past mistakes to your present potential?

I know that I haven’t always been around the most inspiring, motivational or forward moving people in my life. In fact, they say you are usually a product of your environment but…I refused that statement. I refused to be subjected to the truths of others before identifying my own, or at least making an attempt to do so.

Stepping into your own means the world and if you can identify your strengths, weaknesses and ambitions in the interim, you’re on the right track. You can step into any room with confidence when you know who you are. You can project your voice to multiple audiences and approach any new passion project, client, career choice or crazy idea with confidence, strength, resilience and an “I got this” attitude.

It is easier said than done but just do it…

Say this-

  • I can walk into any room and own it.

  • I can to do anything I set my mind to.

  • I can and will trust the process and won’t allow fear to wreak havoc over my life.

  • I can and will accomplish my ambitious goals.

  • I can and will love myself unconditionally.  

  • I can and will love and live life to the fullest.

  • I can and will do whatever it is that I’ve mulled over for way too long. Point. Blank. Period.

Girl, keep me posted on your “I can” statement progress!

I gotta tell myself this everyday…and just JUMP, LEAP…AND MOVE!



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