You asked…but you ain’t ready!

You’ve been praying…fasting….praying…asking…and…praying again. You’ve been praying for that new boo husband, a new job business, a new beginning with your personal projects, a financial blessing/breakthrough-HECK…a life upgrade (POINT. BLANK. PERIOD)!

There’s been times when I’ve been in situations where I’m praying for something to happen and when it finally started growing and showing fruit, I didn’t know what to do. I was either shocked or over elated that what I once dreamed about was actually materializing…and…..guess what???

I wasn’t prepared!

I was too busy lamenting over what I thought wasn’t possible and started giving up way too early. In fact, I’ve let crazy completely amazing  ideas just float on by because I didn’t believe in my purpose or trust God’s hand in the situation. That hubby that you’ve prayed about…are you prepared to meet him if he walked into your life or are you too busy holding on to the past, broken promises or bitter remorse?

Don’t you realize that if it’s a God idea that it will come to pass on his time? That’s including the husband, career change, a new business, the financial blessings and many more amazing opportunities!

So, while you’re asking, praying, slaying, asking and pleading over and over again, start preparing and living in expectation of those great things to come. Just know that when it comes, you probably will NOT have any warning.

So ask yourself this-

  • What EXACTLY am I praying for? Is it my idea or a God idea?

  • Do I trust that God will bring it to pass? Why/Why not?

  • How is God directing me to prepare? Am I listening?

    Ask him how you can prepare for your husband, that new business, a move or whatever you have planned over there in your world. So, if you believe that this shall come to pass and you trust that it is part of God’s plan for your life, you betta prepare!

Did you know that whatever you’re praying for is probably something amazing and unattainable without God’s divine direction?

Girl! You got this! It’s coming…so get prepared!


Prepare, SISTAH, prepare!

Be well. 

Love you!

“You pray for opportunities to come and when they do, you are not prepared. Get prepared for what you’re asking of God. If it is a part of God’s plan for your life, it will come. When? Who knows! Just be prepared and get ready!”

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2 Replies to “You asked…but you ain’t ready!”

  1. Thank you for sharing this Kristen. I have done the same thing you said in this piece. I prayed over and over, sulked. Then one day I just started preparing for everything I prayed for (strong spiritual journey, my business, my mate, my car, my house) and now I see the manifestations and have those things I petitioned to the Creator God.


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