There must be a…mistake!!

Did you see the Oscars? If you managed to stay awake until the last award was announced for the winner for best picture, you witnessed a horribly embarrassing  mistake. The wrong movie was announced for Best Picture! I was actually in shock because I thought, “How could they mess that up?”

The same way I found myself looking sideways at the T.V. as they feverishly ran back and forth on the stage in some type of fury only to announce that the award for best picture was not going to LaLa Land like everyone expected but instead to Moonlight, a black film. Of course, I was rooting for a film to win which recognizes black lives and actors/actresses but I was prepared for the latter to take center stage once again. Although I’m still in shock by the mix-up, I’m overjoyed that a minority based film did indeed receive the honors.

This brings me back to a question I thought I’d ask you. Has anyone ever made a mistake about you? I mean of course people judge YOU all day based on their limited perceptions. I can go on and on about the mistakes people have made based on their judgments or perceptions but…I digress. Just like the mishap with the Oscars, people mistake who you are, not only because they are ignorant and misinformed but possibly due to the way you present yourself.

Do you realize the favor and calling upon your life?

Do you realize how great you really are or do you continuously seek validation from others, regretting memories from your past or dealing with severe low self esteem issues?

Just the other day, someone said, “Hey, I need YOU to help me work on MY project.” The other person next to him said, “Yea, and I need her as an assistant!” Oh boy! Since when did I get propositioned to be a help buddy instead of running my own empire?


I shrieked back in wonderment, looking behind me with the expression on my face that clearly read, “You couldn’t be talking to me” coupled with the look, “Girl, are you crazy?” Clearly they must have me mixed up! I quickly interjected with a shocking and disgruntled glare, “I’m working on my own projects, ya know.” Of course, my interjection wasn’t really acknowledged,  more than likely due to their disdain toward my own personal life, time and purpose. They were more concerned with how I could be an asset to their daily grind. I couldn’t believe that this was happening? How did I get to this place?


Maybe it was some subliminal message vibe I was putting in the air that screamed, “She’s a “helper” type, not a “self-sufficient, confident, business owner” type. Maybe it was my wiliness to help and my overly anxious demeanor to offer advice that sent some ridiculous signal that I didn’t have anything better to do with my life.  I took a step back and really analyzed the situation before me. Why am I being so accommodating to someone else? Why can’t I just say no? What happened to the boundaries I’ve set for myself? Wait! What happened to my plans that I keep putting off? Could it be that I don’t recognize the value of my personal goals, dreams and purpose? Oh no! I must be mistaken about who I am so clearly they are…!

Now, I’m the first to say that people will judge you regardless. You have to give yourself a self check first before anything. What image, energy and personal self love tactics  are you displaying that is allowing people to take advantage of you,  your time and talents?

Yes, it may be a mistake that they misread you or your potential. More so than anything,  you may be mistaken about who you truly are. Hmmmm.

It’s not too late to jump up and get yourself in a better place.

What you can do in the interim is check yourself and the messages you send to the world. Are you feeling empowered, emboldened and confident about who you are or do you constantly put your dreams and goals off to appease others?

How are you using your creative and unique energy?

Are people taking advantage of you simply because you allow that to happen? Could it be that you are too giving to others instead of showing ample attention to self? Girl! Stop! You can’t continue like this!

Remember, we can’t control other people’s thoughts, however, we can control our thinking patterns about self. People will treat you how you see yourself. Don’t forget that. Don’t let them make the mistake of identifying you as the “helper “type or the “average” chick.

Instead, why not make them recognize you as who you really are, unapologetically.

You got this!


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