But God I want it my way…

Have you ever wanted something to work out so bad that you would do anything to make it happen? It’s this urge that says you want it now. Not later…right now!

How many of you know a thing or two about the thrills of instant gratification? I know that’s me and I’m really trying to work on that.  I want it when I want it…and if it means compromising a little, I’ll go the extra mile to do so. Right thing to do? Not always.

Relationship Chatter

For instance, let’s say you are “talking to” or getting to know a guy who seems…pretty..well… on point in regards to your standards and expectations. There are a few things out-of-place but you are willing to compromise because it may “go away” later or maybe you are blowing things way out of proportion. So, you’re vibing well and really getting to know each other when all of a sudden it seems as if the chips aren’t exactly falling as you think they should.

Lately, you feel like you’ve been doing more of the calling, texting, DM’ing, etc…wondering, waiting and compromising your sanity while this so-called great catch is drifting slowly away unexpectedly for reasons totally unbeknownst to you.

Hell, you haven’t even seen the guy in person nor set up the first date yet so how could he drift so soon? Red flag alert!

  • Was it something you said?
  • What about the last call?
  • Were you too long-winded?
  • Did you rufle too many feathers?

You Compromise because…

  • You’re impatient and you want to see things the way you want them to be instead of paying attention to all the signs, situations and fine print.
  • You want things to go your way.
  • You compromise because you envision that flawless ending no matter what the beginning looks like. So you continue compromising, covering up and ignoring all the obvious signs while still expecting a great outcome to prevail.


I have compromised several times in relationships, hoping for the best when instead, I left with a broken heart and spirit. I learned to heal from this and to reframe my mind to reflect who I am and my true worth.

You are worth more than a compromise! You are worth love, honor and respect.

All this time, you don’t realize that you are doing an awful lot of selling yourself short all for a guy who doesn’t see your worth all because you want your way no matter the hell you gotta go through to get it. Sounds backwards, right?

Look, you can’t force love but you can work on self-love and making sure you put your heart, feelings and spirit in a healthy position with the right person and in God’s perfect will and timing for your life. You can work on positioning yourself for a husband by preparing your mind, body and spirit. You want to be in a good place, however, you

Have you ever thought that God’s timing is such a huge factor. Just look back over your life. The decisions you’ve made and the failed attempts at love. Was it possible that you were ignoring the red flags then and you just wanted your way whenever you wanted it?

He’s definitely yours…

  • When God says so.
  • When things happen organically
  • When it just feels right
  • When you don’t have to compromise
  • When you can be unapologetically YOU always
  • When you have an unexplainable peace

There are several more factors that I can add to this list but I think you are catching on quite nicely.

Oh, and girlfriend…

Instead of rushing into something that may not be the best for you, try waiting patiently and know that your true blessing will come out of that.

You are worth more than a compromise.
What if you actually slip up and…compromise? That’s next on the blog!


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