Do you fear your first?

If you’re like me, the thought of attempting a new adventure, stepping out of your comfort zone or even doing the thing you fear the most causes extreme anxiety. It’s almost as if you start feeling the tummy trembles and dull headaches creeping up.  It’s as if those mediocre thoughts of just peddling along like some “normal” person seem like the only way to this thing called life. You really have a strong desire to do the very thing that fears you the most but you’ve listened to your inner self tell you a million and one times why you can’t because of the fear of starting something new. Better yet, you not only allowed the fear of starting something new cause delay, but the excuse of being broke, not having enough resources or the lack of time deter you.

Oh, I’m not finished yet!

So, you talked to so many people about your ideas and they’ve all added their two cents and now you’re completely drained and disgusted with the world and yourself because you don’t know which way is up anymore! Been there? Girl, I can tell you some stories!

Those thoughts start to haunt you to the point that you give up all hope in a better future. You don’t see the limitless potential in you because you allowed your environment, negative thought patterns and inconsistent people in your life damper your vision, dreams and goals.

Sounds familiar? It does to ME and that’s why I want to help you stop the madness!

Is this the extent that you want to take this thing…called life? I think NOT!

Can you think of a time when you almost talked yourself out of a great opportunity only to find that it was the best step forward that you took at that point in your life?

I know you didn’t just get this far to let all your ambitions fall off and those brilliant ideas get wasted because you fear the first step? Remember, there is always a first time for everything and your time is now.

Please believe that we ALL will make mistakes and take the wrong turns. Then, we eventually learn through it all and get up and do it all over again, feeling determined as ever to accomplish what we initially set out to do.

Don’t let your past limit your potential. You have a first step to accomplish!

Ask yourself these honest questions:

  • What do you believe about yourself?
  • Are those thoughts limiting where you see yourself? Be honest.

So, let’s regroup and consider this…

  • You were put on this earth to live…do it!
  • You have that ambitious dream you want to accomplish…go for it!
  • You want to help others and inspire the masses…you got this!
  • You think you’re a good writer, creator, innovator…expand it!


Stop living inside of the box. PERIOD.

Don’t let the first step scare you. There will be plenty, hunny. Look in the mirror to remind yourself that you are a true gem! Always know that you have to start somewhere…even if it’s with the smallest baby steps. Why pass up an opportunity because it seems too darn hard to accomplish or better yet, too scary? You got this!

There is a first out there waiting for you to step on it!

It’s really not all that bad…

The grass on the other side of your anxiety is not always as scary as you think. There are a lot of people like you who were once scared out of their minds but they didn’t let that stop them from being absolutely amazing! Did you know that someone right now is waiting for you to take that next step toward your talents, ideas and creativity because you are a hot commodity…and there really is no one quite like you…nobody, girlfriend!

Once you start seeing believing in the worth of your vision, purpose and uniqueness, you will begin to take those firsts by storm. You will begin to see how great you TRULY are.

Scary…YES..Impossible…ABSOLUTELY NOT!

The quote that stuck with me this week is this:

Learn to doubt your fears and not your dreams!

So don’t let fear…I repeat (False Evidence Appearing Real), distractions or lack of self-worth limit your perceptions of the impossible!

Don’t allow your fear of the first limit you from getting to the next in your life!

There will always be a first time for everything so it’s time to beat your anxiety, fear and mediocrity and start moving forward in the power YOU deserve to live in! Take that FIRST step toward building a better situation for yourself, business, family and purpose! TODAY!

God bless!









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