Why spontaneity in life is beyond sexy!


When most people think of spontaneity, they may refer to getting “up close and personal” with a “boo” or significant other. They may even think of spending a boat load of money on some random materialistic thing that they may or may not need.  For me, that’s not an option at this point in my life but I suppose that planning a surprise birthday party for my son maybe or flying home after spending 6 months away to see family qualifies for some sort of spontaneity. Whatever you do, approach spontaneity with caution and wisdom, especially when it comes to your peace, sanity, children and money.

When was the last time you took a chance and just went for IT?

You’ve got to…..

Fear, contemplation, doubt and worry always tend to creep in just before we take the leap of faith, preventing most of us from achieving these said spontaneous desires. Do you know whose child you are? You have God’s covering and protection over your life so believe it and receive it!

My spontaneous moment revealed

After last week, I think I’m winning when it comes to spontaneity. My last-minute and very spontaneous trip to Rwanda sparked more boldness in me than ever. Not only did I step out of my comfort zone but I took a trip that I contemplated simply because I was unsure of the outcome. If you don’t know, I live in Uganda so making the trek to Rwanda wasn’t half bad in terms of cost, travel time and proximity.

Now, this post isn’t meant to bask in my Rwandan experiences but I welcome you to read more about that experience once you finish this post.

Just so you know, my experience reminded me why spontaneity is sometimes a must in our lives for us to be able to excel to the next level.

So many times, we focus on the “if’s” and “why not’s”and “what will happen if I…”


We end up focusing on these doubtful thoughts and end up missing out on our goals. I can’t tell you how many times I procrastinated because of the fear of the unknown.


Sometimes, you just have to do it in order for stuff to get done.


Waiting around to try to figure things out won’t get you as far as you may like because after all the hesitation, you will probably change your perspective, if not, your mind.
So, I challenge you today to be spontaneous. It may not be a trip around the world to Rwanda but it could be doing something that you really have much hesitation about.
If you are an ambitious soul like myself or an aspiring side hustler trying to get to the next level, try one of these tasks:

Do that very thing you fear (public speaking, posting a blog post, starting a business, etc).
• Call a old friend that you haven’t spoken to in years.
• Try a new type of food at a new place.
• If money allows, take a weekend road trip.
• Do something completely out of your comfort zone at least once this week.

These are just a few ideas. Whatever you decide to do, try to be as spontaneous as possible at least once this week. This will push you past your limits and get you a little uncomfortable, something that we need from time to time. Remember, you are a women of strength, power, boldness and resilience. You are possibly a single mom like me who deals with challenges daily and isn’t thinking about spontaneity at this point. Remember, you are still alive and well and your life doesn’t have to be limited based on the confines you set for it.Sooo…..

Go out…be bold, wise and…1



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