Girl, slay! Don’t let shade stop your shine…

People will treat you based on how you think of yourself. If you think of yourself as not important, unattractive or unsuccessful, people will treat you the same.

You can’t be understood and chosen at the same time. -Sarah Jakes.

Self-esteem issues are real, yall!

The sad thing is many of us don’t realize who our true, authentic self is because we are too busy looking at everyone else’s progress or listening to people tell us why we can’t do that thing we desire so deep in our hearts or be who we ultimately want to be.

We are so focused on pleasing people that we lose sight of our true ingenious. You don’t need that drama! Come on ladies, who else do you know that can multi task with perfection, handle workplace drama, relationships, school, parenting-you name it- with grace aaaannnd grow another human in 9 months? Slay, girl…slay.

Let’s get something straight here-

You are not supposed to necessarily “fit” in or be understood by everyone because you are unique in your own right. Embrace it with grace!

images (4)

So don’t you dare for one second allow someone who is half steppin’, insecure or unsure about their worth, knock you down to their level.You are above them…but do you realize it yet? Do you understand your true value and worth?

Look at the men you choose for your life? Your friends? Social activities? What does this say about how you feel about…you?

We are all unique in our own right, encompassing beauty far greater than our minds will go. I’m talking about inner and outer beauty.

I’m talking about the stuff that’s deep down that we are afraid to birth to the world, reveal or share. Once we tap into that inner beauty and embrace the outer, we can overcome whatever obstacles we face because ultimately, we know who we are, where we’ve been and where we need to go to accomplish God’s plan for our lives.

Get real with yourself. Let go of fake mentalities and phony ideals about your purpose and re-position yourself. Slay, girl…slay.

We can’t allow anyone else to stop our shine. 

Self love may not come over night for those of us who suffer from hidden or outspoken insecurities. But…once you get it, I know this- it doesn’t allow haters to prosper…It will be easy to ignore/ dismiss them, get into your fabulous formation…and shine!




mental preparation



good prayer and mediation


  You must believe this to receive it. No more false representations of who you are. Get rid of those false people in your life, too.

picture 22

Think about this-your life, believe it or not, is an inspiration to someone else. There are young women, your daughters, nieces or students perhaps, who admire you. Therefore, if you are walking around sad and distraught without the confidence you need and the understanding of your true value and worth, how can you make an impact on their lives?  Simple affirmations like these always help to bring me back into focus:

“I am worthy”

“I am a mighty woman of God”

“I can do all things”

“I am successful”

“I am beautiful”

“I am talented”

“I am powerful”

“I am purposeful”

… And I love me some…ME!

Let the haters throw shade all they want but the power is in your hands.



Oh….and slay, girl…slay!


3 Replies to “Girl, slay! Don’t let shade stop your shine…”

  1. This is beautiful. We all must go on a journey finding our worth. I am strong, safe, beautiful and loved and no one can stop me from believing that! I am so in love with your blog and the positive vibes you’re sending. I would love if you’d check out my blog, thank you so much!


    1. Hey there! Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, we have to affirm daily that we are the ish and nothing can take that idea away from us. I stopped by your blog! I’m a new follower. Keep on posting and sharing with the world! Blessings to you!

      Liked by 1 person

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