5 mind shift changes that will help you beat procrastination!

How many times have started something but haven’t finished?!

Even if I raised my hand 100 times to answer that question it wouldn’t do justice to the true fact of the matter: I procrastinate in the worst way and I even have a tendency to allow self-doubt to creep in every now and again, especially when it comes to finishing projects. Well, regarding the self-doubt, I can say that I’ve improved in that area but procrastination sadly still plagues me to this very day.

all procrastination is fear.jpg

Why is it that I’m always up for starting a new project? It’s the finishing aspect of it all that I find to be an uphill battle with myself. I regret my procrastination to the point where I’m willing to do something about it, even if it means sharing with you some of my goals for the month so that I can be held accountable in some indirect kind of way, especially since I’ve been trying to write more and pursue some entrepreneurial ventures.

Once you begin to finish more tasks, you will feel more accomplished and motivated .




Check it out- I have a few ideas and suggestions for you!  I’ve created a list of 5 mindset shifts that you should make right now that will help put you back on track. You will feel motivated to keep creating because you will actually start to see results immediately!

  1. Write a list of 3 tasks that you want to complete this week. 
    • Make the tasks related to something personal, business and spiritual.
      • My tasks will include taking time to finish writing a long overdue book, work on my blog content marketing and find devotional time with God daily.
    • Make sure your goals are reasonable. Don’t say that you want to build a website overnight and you have no idea what a URL is.
  2. Set a deadline
    1. Write down what it is you want to achieve.
    2. Set a specific date.
    3. Use tools likeAsana or an old-fashioned calendar to help you stay on track.
    4. Create a goal list, outlining what you expect from each project. I’ve created a template to help you. Coming soon!
    5. Journal your progress. Believe me, you are definitely making progress!
  3. You need accountability
    • Sometimes, you need a really good friend to share your business with…not necessarily the gory details about your fetishes but definitely during those times that you need to stay on track so that you are able to achieve way more than you ever dreamed of.
    • Reach out to individuals who you trust have your best interest.
    • Set a CONSISTENT follow-up schedule of when you want to meet to discuss your project. Even better, keep her/him accountable to something that they are working on. That way you both can help each other out in some way.
  4. Consistency is…
    • Apart of the entire point of this message: Finish that project that you started!
    • Make a schedule and stick to it.
    • Treat your project like it is a priority because it is.
    • Tell yourself that you are absolutely worth achieving your goals.
  5. Finally, celebrate your achievements
    • Once it’s complete, be proud of your finished work!
    • When you have finished your project, go out and share your idea, completed work and progress with the world and be happy that you finally finished something that says you are absolutely amazing!

Don’t forget that you have the potential to create more, do more and be more!

Keep your heart on the Lord and he will direct your path. (Proverbs 3: 5-6).


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