Who cares what they think…

Do you really think you can continue to go on like this? You know what I mean…what’s with all this fear, contemplation and settling for someone else’s definition of who they think you are simply because of their lack of ambition? Oh, I got it…you’re afraid of what they’ll think if you become too ambitious, successful or well-known.  What if you lose these so-called friends? Better yet, what if you miss out on your purpose because you are trying to please everyone but yourself?

Here is why you shouldn’t care

Hold up! Now, I know that you aren’t going to allow your favor, blessings and powerful purpose to flutter by simply because you think that keeping up with the Kardashians, Jones’ or whomever else fits that “it” mold is the thing to do. You couldn’t possibly think that staying in the same lane as everyone else around you is the thing to do? Girl…we have to talk! You can’t live to please everyone. Point. Blank. Period. Stop trying to please the masses because in the end, someone is always going to dislike your idea, talent, ambition and even your style. So, instead of driving yourself crazy trying to figure out, keep your focus on getting you where you need to be.

 I am slowly recovering …

I’m slowly recovering from that awful condition of trying to keep everyone else happy and comfortable while I suffer sadly and only reminisce with the what “could have been but is not happening” mentality because of my fear that success would cause me to stand out too much. Those comments like, “It’s not that serious” or “Who do you think you are” to “You are working on something else…again” really stuck to me like glue, forcing me to indulge in the mindset of “Maybe their right!” How could I let my mind even create such a crippling effect in my life. That feedback caused me to digress back into my mundane, lifeless and bitter mentality all because  I listened to someone’s rant on how their life actually sucks…NOOOO. They are usually so unhappy with their situation so they  can’t stand to see you shine.

Did I really miss out on my purpose because of someone who isn’t doing anything with theirs? Sad, huh? Because I was so busy being a pleaser to the world and since the image of Miss Show-Off or a Miss Patty Perfect seemed a bit much, I let a lot of my “stuff” go.

Get on with all that jazzzzz! Girl, you rock!

Then, I woke up…

“Girl, please,” I FINALLY told my old self, “Who cares what they think?” Enough with all the insecurities already! My pep talk to self also included, “You got so much going for yourself” “follow your heart” and “You can do anything you want in life” sayings. I tell my 9 year-old son this daily. Have you had a pep talk with self lately?

That’s why they say that you must be careful and mindful about who you share your business with as well as the ideas, goals and ambitions that you’ve worked so hard to cultivate over the years, months, days, minutes…and second even. Geeez..that’s a lot of cultivating for you to throw away simply because someone else has no idea what it means to be as fabulous as you. Re-evaluate your life. Do you realize that time waits for no one? As you change your circle, you will find that there are so many like-minded people around who really want to create a full life just like yours.

Check your circle

Are the people you mainly communicate with effortlessly rooting for your team or being just as ambitious as you are with their own endeavors? If not, drop them. Simple as pie, right?


You’re far from average

In fact, average is not even in my vocabulary at this point in my life because I’m doing so many amazing things. Even if the world doesn’t see what that looks like, you have to set your mind on things higher than what you see in front of you so that you can continuously aspire to be greater than who you are today. Hiding that true “go-get it” mentality in order to make others feel comfortable is so not you. You are not an average chick! Who cares what they think!

What does it mean to you? 

Do you realize that your understanding of self-worth is what keeps you smiling, motivated, encouraged and inspired? It helps to continuously grow and shape you into the beautiful, brilliant and bold woman that YOU are. #Black Girl Magic

Keep those consistent, happy thoughts coming because they actually do wonders for your knowledge of self-worth. Yes! I’m all about understanding  the value of your self-worth because without it, I wouldn’t be able to rule out the unnecessary folks in my life nor would I be able to get anything done that is aligned to my calling and with what the creator has for me.


I know you got this

In the meantime, you can’t stop doing you and living your life on purpose. It’s your time to shine so that you can show off that Black Girl Magic to the rest of the interested and watching world because we need you!

The world needs more amazing souls like you who are ready to conquer fears, push past the inevitable limitations and love yourself passionately, purposefully and unconditionally. Don’t let anything stop you!

My life isn’t supposed to be normal nor is yours. Let those other folks be normal if they want…but as for me and mines…we have a BIGGER purpose! Let’s get it!

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