This will keep YOU focused!

What I like most about beginning a new month is the fact that you have the opportunity to “start over” in a sense. I’m a queen for giving it another go and trying things all over in relation to achieving my goals.

What does this look like?

Well, for the month of September, I’m challenging myself to write blog posts on the aspect of understanding what true self-worth really means and how to gain a further appreciation for where you are today. So many of us hold on to our past mistakes, making that the running excuse as to why we haven’t progressed or developed into the person we expected to be by this point in our lives when that time could be used to focus on the positive of it all.

Let’s face it, we’ve all hit bottom lows and have struggled in at least one area of our lives, however, it doesn’t deem us unworthy of growth or being greater in the end. 

One thing that I especially like about the beginning of the month is that I can start another to do list. What’s with a to do list if we don’t check anything off? I am also a queen for making to do lists and find that they somehow keep me informed on what I’d like to accomplish. Now whether or not that happens is another story. So, what I do is write a to do list of everything I want to accomplish for the month.

My biggest problem in the past was that I set goals that were huge so I became discouraged and never finished any of them!

I would set goals that could possibly be accomplished if I was at home all day with nothing to do but write, focus and work. Now, this is no shade to the stay at home moms, however, as a single mama, work is a definite requirement along with cooking, parenting, cleaning, etc. Therefore, my time limitations don’t allow for the to do lists to be accomplished in a realistic time frame. Regardless of the challenge, I still make time because I am passionate about starting what I’ve finished! For too long, you’ve been sitting on dreams, goals and aspirations due to procrastination, bad planning and fear. You can’t continue on like this!

What can you do now?

Be conscious your time, energy and ambitions. Also, be mindful of your limitations. Write things down. Take action. Keep a positive mind. Communicate your ideas to others who are also supportive of you.

Keep in mind that…

It may be best to set smaller goals for yourself that are more likely to be accomplished instead of focusing on larger ones that you’ll eventually sweep aside because of the overwhelming nature of it all. Because of your productivity in this area, watch your goals flourish and get completed in a timely fashion.

Remember, this is not a competition. Your blessings, gifts and talents WILL make room for you.

It’s all about reclaiming our stance in life and having a better understanding of who we are in the interim.

You are so worth it!

Don’t look back…keep looking ahead at your goals, aspirations and dreams because they are waiting on you!

Get it, girl! I see you!


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