Fear almost took my life…

Fear  almost took my life on multiple occasions. Here’s why.

Case in point, I can be shy. I mean very shy. My closest friends and family probably don’t feel my same sentiments as I do since I don’t act that way around them, however, I feel that way whenever I’m forced to try something new that is completely unfamiliar or if I attempt to go somewhere…alone.

What usually happens is I get this uneasy feeling which normally causes me to talk myself out of whatever I was originally planning to do. I guess you can call it some form of social anxiety. I can share this with you now for some reason which obviously indicates my boldness and transparency. For example, I recently was invited by a friend to a party. My initial thought was no, that’s O.K.

Why would I want to go to a party and I don’t know anyone there? I found myself really trying to figure out if I can make myself comfortable with the idea of being invited to a party where I don’t know anyone!  I figured it would be pointless for me to meet new people since I’d be going back to Uganda. All that unworthy self talk and past beliefs sparked more fear and in turn, prevented me from living life to the fullest.

Get out of the box!

I remember there was a time way back when where I thought that sending blog posts out was absurd. You mean I can literally send a post out that may possibly reach complete strangers all over the world? Yup. I beat the odds. I faced the fear and I did it anyway. I stopped caring what others thought and looking too far ahead. I went for the gusto.

I believed…and eventually I started achieving what I desired for my life. It takes action!

So, when I feel the urge to get fearful and step into a reclusive state, I ask myself what am I afraid of? What insecurities do I have which are making me feel unworthy of trying something new? Then, I ask myself is the fear worth where my life will be AFTER I take this leap of faith?

Once that honest reevaluation took place, I realized that my worth and value were not being exalted in the best light which in turn made me feel that I needed to make some immediate changes in how I thought about myself.

Eliminating negative self talk

Don’t ever question your greatness or why God has strategically placed you in a situation. You are worthy of more than you give yourself credit for. You already know how negative self talk can affect your progress in life. How you view yourself will either elevate or destroy your progress.

I didn’t think I was worth whatever it was that I was trying to attempt because of fear. I couldn’t see past the fear of trying something new. Since then, I had to learn that I can’t allow my fear to control my next move. I have big things to accomplish just like you.

Adios, fear!

What’s hilarious is the fact that I can go 3,000 miles away from home for 3 years and live in a new country, meet new people and embrace new situations daily.

I wanted to live abroad so bad that I had to punch fear in the face and push past my inhibitions!

I literally took a leap of faith. Sometimes you have to do the things that scare you the most in order to make meaningful progress toward your destiny. Within that leap of faith came courage, strength, resilience and boldness like no other. Since then, taking leaps of faith are hard but not as impossible as I once thought they were. I got this and you do to! Go for it! You should feel like you are on top of the world and in control of your emotions! I embraced fear and tore myself out of that box I’d placed myself in.

Watch my video on You Tube on how fear almost took my life. 

What are you communicating to your kids?

Mothers: Do you want your child (ren) to grow up with the same limitations that you started believing for your own life at one point?

We have to be the example for our children.

I always tell my son that I want him to be better than me.I want him to be bold, courageous and passionate about life.

In order for that attitude to set in, it starts with instilling those values early and leading by example.

So, what bold actions are you taking? What challenges are you giving yourself daily to help you break out of your typical shy or introverted behavior? It involves some type of commitment and acknowledgement of purpose.

What keeps me motivated is the fact that my boldness and courageous acts are not only helping me but someone else. 

I had to learn to break down the walls of fear

…because it will eventually take your life if you allow it. It will keep you from the freedom you deserve and living your life in true purpose. I knew that my purpose was greater than what I was telling myself. I knew my purpose was bigger than my fear.


How does your circle look?

I started to take a closer look at my circle and the people around me. What are they doing boldly with their life? Are they living in purpose or aspiring to reach goals like me? What are their ambitions? These are simple questions that you should not only ask yourself but your friends. If you can’t answer those questions honestly about yourself and your circle, then a change is needed.  Begin to re-analyze the way you value yourself and the people you decide to spend time with. You know what they say:  you become who you are around. Sooooo…..



I hope that today you can begin to let your fears drift away in the wind and start pursuing your dreams, ambitions, and goals right away.


You were destined to live in purpose!




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