5 ways to keep the passion!

I can think of a gazillion excuses to give you for why I haven’t been writing on this blog. Ok, maybe not a gazillion but at least 10.  Let’s see:

  1. Too busy
  2. Too hot
  3. too tired
  4. not enough time
  5. Too busy socializing
  6. Stress
  7. Too busy building my travel blog 
  8. Too busy being a single mommy
  9. Internet problems in Uganda
  10. Lack of focus

See, that wasn’t hard to list all my excuses. Excuses are easy, fulfilling ambitions takes work! Work, Work, Work, Work, Work! ( In my Rihanna voice).

Telling myself that my worth, ideas and ambitions are far greater than I’ve ever imagined is a challenge but a worthy one.

See, the excuses, reasons-whatever you want to call them are there and they will always be…as long as you allow them to control your life. They will literally drag you down.

Say no to excuses!

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Like most of us, I have dreams, hopes, aspirations, ambitions and plans to simply live it up! It’s almost as if I’m obsessed over them. I call them Passion Projects, goals, ambitions, dreams, visions…you get the point.

Passion Projects are obviously achievable but I sit on my butt as if they will drop in my lap and say , “Tada, here I am!”


I sit there thinking of all that it would take to complete this goal and dream and how hard it will be which inevitably causes me to give up before I even start. If I never gave up, where would I be? We’ve all asked that question at some point.

images (2)

This cycle of dysfunction has got to stop. In you. In me….in all of us. So many dreams are dying because we fail to see the worth in them. We don’t trust God and his plans for our lives which causes us to give up hope.

God wouldn’t have brought you to it if you couldn’t get through it!

I get it. It can be challenging, frustrating and even confusing at times. Oh, and to top it off,  you have no one supporting you! Gosh golly now if I haven’t hit that right on the nail then call me Sally Sue. No! Seriously, call me Kristen.:-) Don’t allow others to deter you from living your life. You are different. They are different. We are all expected to be different….so go out there and be….different!

Let’s get started!

Here are 5 tried and true tactics I use right now that help me stay motivated, committed and passionate about completing passion projects!

#1 Dedicate more time

pexels-photo-medium (1)

Time! How many of us have it? (In my Whodini song voice. If you like reminiscing on hip hop videos from the 80’s,  click here to watch the Whodini video).

I know, we are all pressed for time but in order for you to actually achieve your passion project, you must dedicate more time toward what you are inevitably trying to finish. Carve out a special time of the day. Make it meaningful. Stay consistent with that time and treat it like it’s the job that it actually is.

For me, (I know this is hard for some but it works), I start working on stuff at 4:30 a.m. and continue endlessly until my son wakes up. This allows me time to get my mind focused, void distractions so I can really get some of those ideas popping out of my head. Progress is coming!

I’m on fire for helping women like YOU become better at who they are and what they do! 

Can I share a secret with you? –This blog is actually one of the passion projects I’ve abandoned. So, I had to literally get up at 5 a.m. to work on it and dedicate the much-needed time to get that fuel burning and that passion re-ignited.

#2 Change your mind

You can’t make any progress if your mental mode is still stuck on  a “I can’t do this” or  the “No one will care anyways” mindset. Your mental process and how you perceive yourself will make or break you. It will cause you to succeed or fail. On the flip side, it will turn that negative outlook into an optimistic one. It all starts with how you view yourself, your idea and your potential.

Once you start seeing your worth for the greatness that it is, you will treat these said passion projects as if your future depended on it.

#3 Dead weight…get rid of it!



What are your distractions? What people are in your life that are helping you? Hurting you? Delaying you? What do you do in your spare time when you are not focused on your passion projects? These are some serious questions you need to consider. Sadhuguru is a very wise guy, by the way. I heard him speak about 2 months ago in Uganda. 

Many times, our environmental influences prevent us from making the necessary progress we need to achieve our said goals. We are in the wrong working space or we have other factors going on at the same time which are pulling our energy down. Maybe it’s a broken relationship, an overly needy friend or even drama at work. You can’t allow other factors to constantly pull you away. They will come. Those problems are what we call life. So, don’t expect for them to disappear.  Just expect for you to change how you manage them.

**You will have to change your environment and your mindset to reflect where you want to be.**

If you want to be in peace and advocate for change, then make sure that the environment and people you associate with also reflect that same mantra. Make sure that you are removing all those unworthy distractions. If it’s not adding value to your life, let it go. These value stealers come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Don’t let them fool you girl. Keep on pushing!

#4 Write it down


Lists, more lists, another list….oh and did I say I write lists?!

Lists have saved me. As a busy, single and teaching mom of 1, my life is consumed with everything under the sun such as teaching, lesson planning, homework, extra curricular activities, agendas, projects-you name it. On top of all that, I want to fit in a passion project. Are you serious?

Yes, I’m so serious!

So, to remember everything, even the small details, can be daunting. So, I write it down. I also write things down for a visual. I need to see it to believe it. I need to actually experience the writing aspect of this said idea onto the paper so that I can become more in tune with what it is I’m actually trying to achieve.

Writing it down makes it real.

It makes it tangible. I promise that writing things down will inevitably help you stay focused on your achievable passion project!

#5 Move forward

Start today. Start moving forward toward this passion project. Start creating the life you want and begin to change the way you see yourself. In a world that’s constantly changing, you have to keep up becuase falling behind sucks!  People are living their lives and doing their thang! Why aren’t you? No excuses!

Go for that “it” and run passionately toward it like there’s no tomorrow! 

images (1).jpg


You got this! Believe in yourself, your dreams, passions and purpose and the rest will eventually come to light and fall in place!

God bless you, my “sis” star! 


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