You can’t give it up this soon…!

Hey There!

Whoa! It’s been over two full months since I shared my last thoughts on this space. One of the primary reasons for my distance had a lot to do with fear. Let me tell you, fear is a beast that will eat you alive if you let it. It caused me to go into some sort of remote hiding. I didn’t want to talk, write, date, socialize-nothing. It was sort of a dim depression. Wait! Did I say depression?  No,  I will not claim it. I have the victory!

Recently, I had to make a huge decision regarding a major move, which would ultimately change my entire path. Although in my heart I wanted the opportunity, I was scared out of my mind of the consequences of my actions. What would people think? Is it the right decision? What about my son? What would happen if I did this or that? I can go on and on about how my nerves were racked with fear and trepidation toward the unknown implications that may occur.

In the end, I made the decision to just go for it. Ugghhh….I am so glad that stressful season of my life is finally gone. It weighed so heavy on me. However, I finally I took a chance, and jumped through plenty of obstacles in the interim….and…I did it. I stepped out on faith, trusted God and believed in myself. I relied on HIM for strength through the process because without it, I don’t know where I’d be. Looking back over this journey, I realized that this opportunity didn’t come by happenstance.

Life has purpose and its up to us to use that energy to positively seek it. After the fact, I now know that my steps were ordered and purpose needed to be fulfilled. I think we are often times scared of our purpose, power and our God-given capabilities. In the end, we give up on our dreams. You are not alone. There has been times that I thought of these enormous business ideas. Unfortunately, my fear came back, which caused discouragement. I didn’t believe enough in myself to accomplish whatever the task was or I allowed mediocracy (someone else’s opinion) to dominate my mind which forced me to doubt my potential, strength and vision to accomplish the said task. Therefore, a lot of my dreams have been deferred…a lot…because of fear.

If everything falls in your favor and mountains move out of your way to accommodate this bold step, go for it. Trust me, the other side isn’t all that bad after all. Its kind of like…wow….I did all that worrying and then, life goes on! The one thing that stays consistent with me is that God has your back. He is that higher power that we are almost forced to seek when our back is against the wall.

Don’t allow fear to control and overtake you.

I will go into my fear frenzy more in depth through other posts. I am ready to take back the world. I am ready to discover my true strength and boldness through the adversity on my path. I am ready to relive those dreams!

So, motivate yourself today to step out of your fear zone. Knock it down with your steel iron fist. It doesn’t do us any good to live life in fear.

I believe in you. You should do the same. Share your story. I know I am just getting started and don’t have much of a following….but! If you have it in your heart to share or even pass on this message,  I would be forever grateful. I am in the process of trying to jumpstart this blog along with some other projects. I need motivation, too…I’m just saying. 🙂

Ok, good people. That’s a wrap. I’ll be back soon to share what I hope is some bit of inspiration, motivation, love and straight blog talk. Toodles!


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