You may be the problem…here’s why

There are some public places that require absolute silence. Of course, the first thing that comes to my mind is the public library. When I lived in the States, I would frequent it often. I felt that I could finally achieve some sense of solidarity, peace and QUIET in the wake of my crazy and hectic life.

Our spirits need the same attention. We need peace and quiet and I am not talking about just in the environment, per say. Your spirit needs to be quiet, especially when the noise you produce or allow in your space is negative. It is okay to have loud and boisterous noise when it feeds you with positive, purposeful and ambitious thoughts. However, when you start flooding yourself with negative chatter, slander, gossip and self-pity, it can cause complete and utter chaos within. This causes you to lose your God-given power and authority over the enemy by stepping outside of the will that God has for your life.

Let me share this with you-anybody who knows me very well can attest that I have been blessed with the gift for gab. I can definitely talk and lately, I have been allowing my current life challenges to get the best of me. I have been using that as an excuse to vent negatively. I recognize that ever since my relationship with God has changed, I have to become more mindful of what comes out of my mouth and I  cringe when I find myself complaining, gossiping, speaking badly about someone or simply allowing useless chatter take control. When it gets this distracting, I tell myself that quiet time is compulsory so that I can re-visit my emotions and move forward with a clear, positive mind, void of negativity.

Your words should build up others and yourself and not tear down. They should be used with purpose and integrity. Your character is on the line. Someone is watching you, hopefully not in a creepy way, but potentially to see how you carry yourself as women of God. Therefore, encouraging quiet time is a must so that you can be prepared to be used effectively by God when your time comes.

You can use your quiet time productively by meditating, praying for others, reading, and writing, reflecting, doing a good deed or allowing your inner creativity to thrive. In the midst of this silence, you can have a more meaningful reflection time so that you can ultimately be your best self.   These simple activities and many others will help you to avoid negative self talk and unproductive, meaningless chatter by allowing your spirit to stay in line with God and away from negativity as you continuously seek a stronger relationship with him.

Did you know that your inner beauty is just as important as your outer beauty? If you  have an ugly inner self, filled with negative energy, meaningless chatter or self-pity, you can’t attract what you deserve-a future husband, promotion, new business, ministry opportunity, etc. Your inner beauty will allow for your outer beauty to shine! Everything will be just fine as you grow and flourish in your quiet time!

Allow God to guide you every step of the way!

When you have quiet time, refer to these scriptures for a more in-depth look at what God is communicating to us about a humble mouth and spirit:

Ephesians 4:29

Proverbs 10:19

1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

James 4:11

James 1:26

Psalms 34:13

Psalms 141:3

Be blessed!


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