This feels so uncomfortable!!!


Are you content with your life right now? Is everything going the way you like? If it is, girlfriend, I tip my hat to you. In the meantime, I have some news to share. As we know, change is good and it’s a part of life because without it, where would we be today? Sometimes, however, change can bring sadness, anger, bitterness, pain, confusion and fear. When dealing with change in this way, it can be very difficult but it is a part of our growth and development process as women because we are constantly required to stretch and grow so that our ultimate purpose can be revealed. This will strengthen us and give us the much needed confidence in preparation for the next uncomfortable situation or challenge. What do you consider an uncomfortable situation? For me, it means doing something or dealing with a situation that forces me to change my actions, my thought processes or routine. It may force me to do something I have never done and possibly face my fears. All too familiar, right?

From past experience, I initially confronted uncomfortable situations in fear and worry because ultimately, I didn’t know what to expect! Well, that’s life. You are not always supposed to know what is bound to happen. Sometimes, our journey may not speak directly to us or inform us on its next steps. It is up to us to trust the path that God has us on in the interim and know that everything is working out the way that it should.

Understand that you will face incredulous situations, to say the least. Whether it’s by choice, circumstance or through inevitable trials, uncomfortable situations WILL HAPPEN! Whether it’s helping someone who is in need, obtaining another degree, starting a business, sharing your testimony, forgiving a family member, letting go of a miserable relationship, etc- situations will inevitably get very uncomfortable. Keep prayer at the forefront of your life and  release your anxiety to God (1 Peter 5:7). He is ultimately in control and will be with you in every circumstance (Deuteronomy 31:6). Although certain circumstances may appear insurmountable, I am a living witness that God will never put more on you than you can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13). In my challenges and uncomfortable moments, I was always taken care of and concluded stronger, wiser and more fearless as a result. Remember, you are a virtuous women (Proverbs 31). You are stronger than you think and wiser than you’ll ever know.

Let me use a current situation in my life as an example. Recently, I dealt with making a huge, life-altering decision. This decision would ultimately determine my next phase in life. I received a job offer…in Uganda. This, my friends, is a huge change for me. I will be transitioning yet again to a new place, new job, new environment, culture, etc. Of course, when I contemplated the acceptance of this offer, I sat in fear, worry and anxiety, unaware of the outcome. I haven’t relocated yet, however, there is so much to consider. (Follow my travel blog at to get all the juicy details of my Uganda relocation).

Although I want to back out, give up and make up a million excuses as to why I shouldn’t go, I decided instead not to worry and trust that everything will be just fine. I am trying to look at this uncomfortable situation as opportunity rather than a problematic situation. I am quickly working on transitioning this worrisome energy into trusting God’s path. I have to be honest though, this was probably one of the most difficult and uncomfortable decisions for me and I still have a lot to learn along the way. More often than not, when everything is over and all the dust finally settles, I realize this situation and all others that I have been involved in, turn out to be not as bad as I initially apprehended. In turn, I feel on top of the world because of my unwavering strength. I am thankful for these uncomfortable moments because they continuously strengthen and stretch me beyond my normal limitations and expectations, making me an even more amazing woman!

Now, let’s get back to you! Let’s think of how you will handle your next uncomfortable situation. Let me say this, uncomfortable situations are not to scare you but to strengthen you. Try to be your most confident self as you approach uncomfortable situations by understanding your purpose, strength and wisdom. Believe in yourself through this storm because it will pass. God will put you in these situations to humble you. He ultimately wants the glory so your testimony can bless the next virtuous woman! Trust and believe that YOUR life will be blessed beyond measure as a result of stepping out on faith. So, the next time you are faced with an uncomfortable situation, don’t consume yourself with panic, stress or fear. In confidence, believe in yourself and know that you can get through anything that you put your mind to. This very next uncomfortable situation will be an opportunity to positively re-evaluate your life, maximize your purpose and define your true strength as a woman!


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