This is why YOU are amazing!

Often times, we don’t realize our greatness and capacity for growth. We get settled in complacency, not understanding our infinite potential. I am here as confirmation that you are greater than the limitations you are currently setting for yourself.

Recently, I struggled with self-confidence. I didn’t believe in myself and allowed outside factors determine my outcomes. I became complacent with no real effort to achieve more due to the words spoken over my life. I had an epiphany. I believed. I allowed God to show me some things. I gained my confidence back and I began to love and understand myself by embracing both  my inner strength and nuances.

Then, I began to only allow positive and productive elements in my space for the purpose of renewing, rebuilding and regaining my self-esteem. These elements can come in the form of positive messages and/or sermons, informative or inspirational books and specific inspirational people who I allow in my circle. Because I consistently seek these elements, I immediately know when certain things are not aligned with my purpose and destiny because of their potential for adverting me in a negative direction.

If you’re not careful, these negative elements can cause a true detriment to your spirit, causing you to feel unfulfilled and not aligned with your true purpose. Now, although I struggle from time to time with my thoughts and what comes out of my mouth as well as letting go of certain temptations, I now have  a deeper understanding of who I am and my greatness. When I stumble and fall, I am aware of my faults as opposed to where I was before -unaware that my actions were crippling my potential. That is growth!

It is important that today, you take a stand by recognizing your greatness and what factors you allow to influence your life. Believe it or not, what you allow in your space and spirit can truly make a difference, whether positive or negative.

Remember, you are a child of God with unlimited greatness and an indescribable uniqueness that sets you apart. You are extremely important, beautiful and brilliant. Stop allowing those  unproductive elements determine your direction. Take a stand today and grow from your mishaps and struggles. Continue to allow God to shine through your life. You are amazing! You have potential! You are blessed beyond measure! In the meantime, continue to bask in your greatness and God’s overwhelming favor will reign over your life!


2 Replies to “This is why YOU are amazing!”

  1. Thank you very much for your inspiring words that have truly touched me.and from today am going to only allow the positives in my life no more negatives.

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